The New Missal – Resources

by Fr. Andrew Pastore on 23/06/2011 -

Many people in the Catholic world are referring to the liturgical changes at Mass, implemented on the First Sunday of Advent 2011, as the “New Missal”. Although this is a convenient way of expressing it, strictly speaking there is not going to be a new Missal (the book of prayers used at Mass). Rather, there will be a new translation from the Latin.

The translation of the Mass with which most of us are familiar was first used in 1970. There was a second edition in 1975 and a third in 2002 (which was itself amended in 2008). (There were also some reprints of each of these editions.) Most celebrations of the Mass since that period have used a version of the 1970 Missal translated in 1973. The new Missal is a translation of the 2002 edition with its 2008 amendments.

As a help Fr. Duncan has prepared 4 sheets for parish or individual groups that intoduce you to the changes you will notice the most. Feel free to download them and use them for yourselves, your family, your group or your parish.

Sheet I – The Introductory Rites – click here to download
Sheet II – The Liturgy of the work – click here to download
Sheet III – The Liturgy of the Eucharist - click here to download
Sheet IV – The Concluding Rites – click here to download.

The Diocese of Salford website has great resources for you – click here



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