The Second Sunday in Advent

Embracing the spirit of John the Baptist…

Dear Friends

Last week in his sermon Fr Andrew recalled earlier times when the family travelled to Wales and how each time, his uncle carefully planned the route, writing each stage meticulously down on paper, only for some unexpected diversion/road works to cause, at least for a time, the family to be lost. I think they did get there eventually!

We are in the Season of Advent when John the Baptist tells us ‘to prepare the way for the Lord,’ and I think it is something we have to consider in our roadmap up to the birth of Christ at Christmas. In the myriad of routes that seem to demand our attention at this time of year, it’s easy to get lost and veer off the straight path. It requires us to make a conscious effort to make that unique journey to the stable in Bethlehem.

Embracing the Spirit of John the Baptist in today’s world involves a conscious effort to simplify our lives, reflect on our actions, find our authentic voices, and cultivate a deeper spiritual connection. So as we prepare the way for a more meaningful existence, we contribute not only to our personal growth but also to the betterment of our communities and the world at large.

John’s mission was to prepare the way for others to encounter Jesus, and I believe that we can embrace a similar mindset of preparing the way for those around us by sharing the message of hope and salvation, especially in this season of Advent. Yes there will be difficult times, when the road gets rocky, or we get lost, but the message of Advent tells us that even in difficult times, there is a purpose and a plan unfolding, we just need to follow the path ahead and all will be revealed.

This is one journey your SatNav will not help you with!

 Mary Greaves

God Bless  

Fr Reginald and Fr Bryan

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