The 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time

It’s never too soon…

 Dear Friends,

Please find the introduction to this week’s Newsletter from Mary Greaves:

I had a very early “bah humbug” moment this week. I paid a visit to a well known supermarket and there they were, mince pies, puddings, all kinds of food goodies for Christmas. To make matters worse when I got home I put on the TV only to be greeted with an advertisement for rather expensive Christmas gifts I might be persuaded to buy for family and friends. 

It seems to me that Christmas appears to arrive earlier and earlier each year, and while many people eagerly anticipate the festivities and cheer that comes with Christmas, I am concerned that this early saturation of Christmas in the media can be disturbing news for our faith.

When Christmas-related consumerism begins so early it can easily distract us from the spiritual reflection and preparation integral to the Advent and Christmas Season.. So how can we, at least try, to counteract and reclaim the real essence of this fast approaching Holy Season. One way might be to rediscover the joy of anticipation by taking time out to prepare our hearts and minds for the arrival of Christ, to embrace the slowness and expectancy of Advent, and use the time to find hope in the promise of a Saviour, one who is much needed in our world today.

So I’m going to do my best to slow down (not something I find easy), and nurture a sense of expectancy and embrace the spiritual and reflective aspects at this time of year. It will be a time to deepen my faith and connect with the message of hope, peace, joy and love that this time of year represents.

So it’s never too soon to prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ, and yes, there will be time for chocolate, I’m not Scrooge!

Mary Greaves

Next Sunday, 12th November we will celebrate Remembrance Sunday after  Mass at St Stevens Church together with the Churches on the Mount and the local community. The service will be led by Barry Price. We will not have tea and coffee after Mass so people have a chance to get across to St Stephen’s. The following week 19th November we have a wedding at St John Fisher’s at 12.00noon so we will also cancel teas and coffees after Sunday Mass that week.

On Saturday 18th November we will celebrate Covenant Mass at 2.00pm followed by tea and coffee.

All are welcome to join in this Mass.

God Bless

Fr Reginald and Fr Bryan

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