The 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

A harvest of faith…

 Dear Friends
 Please find the introduction to our Newsletter written by Mary Greaves below. 

This week I’ve enjoyed watching “Harvest on the Farm” on TV. One definition of harvest might be ‘the season for gathering in agricultural crops’ but I would like to consider another kind of harvest; that of a ‘harvest of faith.’ I think I might need to explain myself further. The concept, ‘harvest of faith,’ I believe, is all about the positive outcomes and rewards that can come from having a strong faith in our lives. While the two kinds of harvest are quite different in their tangible outcomes, they do share important parallels.  

In both cases, cultivation and care are essential and both require time and effort to yield positive results. Both require patience, faith like crops may go through seasons of growth and dormancy, and just as crops can be affected by weather conditions, pests, or disease, so our faith can be tested by life’s challenges and uncertainties. 

Harvest time follows a cycle, with crops being harvested at specific times during the year, while a ‘harvest of faith,’ is an ongoing, lifelong journey with its own seasons of growth, reflection and renewal.

Farmers share their crop harvest with others, contributing to the well being of their community. Similarly, an individual’s faith can lead to positive outcomes and to a sharing of their wisdom, compassion and love for others, also contributing to the well-being of their spiritual community and society at large.

So, a final thought to consider. These two types of harvest, though distinct, are interconnected and vital for our holistic well-being. They remind us of the importance of balancing our material and spiritual needs, ultimately leading to a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

A quote to ponder this week, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.”

 Mary Greaves 

Today remember the Blessing Day of the Shrine 23 years ago. Also the Holy Spirit Symbol was installed in the Shrine 20 years ago. We will celebrate this this afternoon in a Pilgrims’ Day starting at 2.00pm. You are very welcome to join. Re-installing the Holy Spirit is a timely occurrence for the Diocesan Synod. We want our Parish Synod to  become a New Pentecost for us. As a listening People of God we want to contribute to the process of discernment for our times. Steve Robinson and Celia Eccleston are our Parish Synod Members and we have three of the six members of the Parish Synod Team for the “Big Listen” planned for 15th of October and 18th October. Please take you invitation card to our Parish event for the Synod and sign up in the list at the back of Church to join in one of those meetings. On Wednesday we have the concluding celebration of the Month of Creation. You are invited to attend this service of thanksgiving. 

God Bless

Fr Reginald and Fr Bryan

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