The 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Let peace and justice flow…

 Dear Friends

Late arrival of this weeks Newsletter. Please find Mary Greaves’ introduction in which she plugs our concluding celebration of the Season of Creation on 4th October, commemoration of St Francis of Assisi. 

In this week’s newsletter there is notice of a Season of Creation Celebration Event at St John Fisher, Kearsley, (I don’t charge for the free advertising Fr Bryan). I have to admit I did have to google it, to jog my memory to recall the details of what it’s all about. The Season of Creation is an ecumenical celebration held each year from 1st September, World Day of Prayer for the care of Creation, to October 4th, the feast of St Francis of Assisi. The theme chosen this year was “Let Justice and Peace Flow.”

Justice, within this context extends beyond human concerns. It embraces ecological justice, acknowledging that the consequences of environmental degradation often fall disproportionately on vulnerable communities and future generations. The call for justice reminds us to address issues such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change, which impact not only the environment but also human well-being.

Peace, in this context, is more than the absence of conflict; it signifies harmony with creation. When ecosystems are disrupted, conflicts often arise over resources, exacerbating suffering and inequality. Promoting peace within creation is about restoring balance, healing the Earth, and ensuring that all living beings can coexist in a state of equilibrium.

While the challenges facing our planet can be daunting, the Season of Creation is a source of hope and transformation. It reminds us that positive change is possible when individuals and communities commit to ecological justice and peace. It offers a vision of a world where justice and peace flow like a river, nurturing the Earth and all its inhabitants.

While we can’t solve all the problems of the world we can do our bit, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem to us. I like to think that many people doing little things can make big things happen.  Mary Greaves

Please look at the invitation to join the Parish Synod Team as par of our Diocesan Synod which begins at this time. Next Sunday 1st October is the 23rd Anniversary of the Blessing of the Shrine. It is also twenty years since the symbol of the Holy Spirit was installed in the Shrine. We pray that the Shrine will be our Cenacle and a source of New Pentecost.  You are invited to join us on our Pilgrims Day on Sunday and also to our celebration of Creation.

(Stop Press: Congratulations to Jimmy Nicholas and our fundraising team for a most successful Autumn Cabaret Night in which over  £1,500.00 was raised for Parish Funds)

God Bless

Fr Reginald and Fr Bryan

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