Living Holy Week

Dear Friends

 Holy week is  a time when we commemorate the final week of Jesus Christ’s life, including His triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, His Crucifixion and intimately His Resurrection. I have been thinking about how all this impacts on my personal life, and I would like to share a few thoughts with you.

By taking time out from the busyness of everyday life I have an opportunity for spiritual renewal and growth. Holy Week is a time when I am encouraged to assess my own values, beliefs and actions, and encouraged to seek a deeper commitment to living my life with integrity, compassion and humility.

Moreover, Holy Week fosters a sense of community and connection with others who share with me as we come together to worship. I am challenged to confront difficult truths and wrestle with my own complex emotions. Yet even in the suffering and darkness of Holy Week I am given hope and the promise of redemption through the Resurrection.

Holy Week is a reminder of the values of sacrifice, forgiveness and reconciliation in my relationships and interactions with others. The example of Jesus’s selfless love and willingness to forgive even His persecutors is a challenge for me to extend compassion to those who I feel have wronged me. Not an easy thing to consider and act upon!

Holy Week, then, for me is a time when I can strengthen my faith, deepen my relationships and be empowered to live with integrity and purpose. So as we journey through this Holy Week let’s be reminded of the significance of each day and the profound impact it can have on not only our spiritual life but also our everyday lives…if we only let it.

 Mary Greaves 

Tomorrow, Tuesday we have the service of ?R?econciliation with the opportunity to go to confession. Our Holy Week programme is published in the Newsletter and we look forward to celebrating the great mysteries and gifts of our Faith. With every blessing

God Bless

Fr Herbert, Fr Reginald and Fr Bryan

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