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Dear Friends

Almsgiving or giving to charity, is one of the three Christian practices of Lent. The word alms has an old-fashioned ring to it. It brings to mind a Charles Dickens novel, a street urchin begging from the wealthy upper classes. When we give it should come from heart and not from our excesses, it’s much more than donating the odd bits of change we might have or things we no longer use, noble as this is.

Giving extra of our time, without expecting anything in return, is truly giving and showing love to our neighbour. Giving to charity is not just about the homeless person we see on the street, it might be giving our time to listen to someone’s needs, or a friend who needs a shoulder to cry on, a family member who needs career advice, a work colleague who is stressed about their job.

Sometimes, maybe we just need to be reminded that most people don’t chose to be poor or in need of emotional support. Unemployment has set lots of people back financially, others have lost everything, physically and emotionally because of natural disasters or wars.

So let’s take time to think about how we give. Do we give freely, without expecting anything in return, while still affording everyone, the poor and the rich, the dignity we all deserve? Next time someone asks you “What you are giving up?” you can challenge them and ask, “What are you giving back?” 

 Mary Greaves 

Fr Herbert has arrived safely and has joined us at the Shrine We wish him a hearty welcome and hope he finds himself at home. Our holy Communion classes have started with six children preparing for Holy Communion.

God Bless

Fr Reginald , Fer Herbert and Fr Bryan

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