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Dear Friends

Please find our Newsletter for this week. We have the news of the splendid results both for our Mission Appeal and for Sea Sunday Collection. Thanks to Jimmy Nicholas for the Cliff Night in aid of Francis House and thanks to the fundraising team for all the work. 

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This week I was watching a documentary on television about a set of twins who shared a secret language known only to themselves. Interestingly, it contained a combination of both verbal and non-verbal expressions. Watching this got me thinking about non-verbal communication and how this can impact how we understand human interaction.

When we think of communication I image we often think of people using spoken language to express their thoughts and ideas, but in reality it is only one of a much broader and intricate web of ways of communication we have at our disposal. Non-verbal communication, encompassing body language, facial expressions, gestures, and even silence, plays an equally significant role in conveying emotions, intentions and establishing connections.

One form of communication which I find interesting is what I would call ‘the silent language.’ Quite often we find being silent can feel awkward and uncomfortable and we feel the urge to say something – to ‘break the silence,’ Paradoxically, I actually think of silence as a profound form of communication in itself. A moment of silence can convey emotions that words struggle to capture. A pause in conversation can allow individuals to reflect, indicating thoughtfulness and consideration. Silence can also foster anticipation by engaging listeners and emphasising key points.

In a world saturated with words, the language of silence reveals that in the absence of words, meaning still exists, and emotions can be conveyed with depth and resonance. Silence serves as a reminder that true communication is  not confined to the spoken word and by embracing and appreciating the language of silence, we can navigate the intricacies of human interaction with greater sensitivity and understanding.

Maybe take time this week to look out for those silent moments in others  and what they might be saying to you.

God Bless

Fr Bryan Fr Reginald

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