God is love.

Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them. (1 John 4, 16)

In memory of

Father Franz Johannes Brügger
Schoenstatt Father

Born 25th January, 1942
Ordained July 8, 1967
Deceased January 8, 2015

Totally unexpected Father Franz Brügger died suddenly in the early afternoon of the 8th January 2015. He was surrounded by confreres of Schoenstatt Fathers of the Province House on Mount Sion, Vallendar, Germany.

He was a member of the Caritas patris familia Sion course and a co-founding member of the Secular Institute of Fathers.

Even as a young man Father Brügger came to completely identify himself with Schoenstatt founder’s Father Joseph Kentenich and the Movement’s spirituality.

Following his ordination to the priesthood in the summer of 1967 after serving time a curate he was Assistant for ten years to the Schoenstatt boys and young men movement in Germany.

Together with the Brothers of Mary and the youth he came to build the Youth Centre on the Marienberg in Vallendar. He was also a vital promoter of the students’ movement at tertiary level, gave conferences and organized national students’ pilgrimage to Schoenstatt. Continue reading “God is love.”


Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord

In the East, this Season of Christmas is called the “Time of Manifestation”, or Showing. Today is the ‘Feast of the Manifestation’, or the Showing of the Saviour to the whole world, to all nations. In the wise men who travel from the East, we see all the nations other than the people of Israel being welcomed at the New Temple of the New Covenant – the new born child in the manger. A look at the Psalm response shows this: “All nations shall fall prostrate before you, O Lord.” The same is true of the key word in the second reading: “Revelation”. Remember that for the people of Israel this was to be their Messiah, come to restore their fortunes. By this feast, we proclaim God’s plan was to extend his salvation to men and women of every nation, of every time and every place – including us. In many ways this is our Christmas Feast, when we celebrate the Good News of the Saviour’s birth revealed at last to us.


Solemnity of the Holy Family at the Shrine

As an example for us to follow, the Holy Family can seem a little too perfect: when we consider the more “dramatic” events of the Christmas and Easter story, it can seem so far removed from us. And yet, as today’s Gospel reminds us (especially in the shorter version), there were also the so-called “hidden years” – the many years of family life in Nazareth, spent in ordinary things. During that time, we hear how Jesus grew and matured, and in the glimpse of that family life we see our example. The family is a basic unit of our Christian society, despite coming under threat nowadays.  Our celebration of this feast, and the Word of God we proclaim, announces that there is a lasting value in the ideals of family life, and the relationship between husband, wife, parents and children. Whatever the changing details of each age, honour, understanding and love always remain the recipe for the perfect, and holy, human family. It is love that we put on over all the other clothes of changing cultures and places, to guarantee the life of the family in imitation of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.


Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord (A)

Blessings on him who comes

in the name of the Lord!

On Palm Sunday the long reading of the Passion dominates the celebration, and in a sense its meaning is obvious. Do not allow this, however, to detract from the other readings, which give the vital context necessary for understanding the Passion as more than just a long story. It is our story – the tale of how God achieved OUR salvation by the supreme sacrifice of Jesus Christ.