October Day Crowning

You are invited to the October Day on Sunday 1st October at the Shrine. You can arrive any time after 12.00 noon and bring a packed lunch with you. Holy Mass will be at 1.30pm followed by our afternoon programme which includes a programme for children. Bishop Arnold, Bishop of Salford, is expected by about 4.30pm and we will celebrate crowning our Lady in the Shrine with him. For more details click here. We look forward to seeing you on the day

Covenant Mass Monday 18th September 2017

Welcome to our Covenant Mass on Monday 18th September 2017 at 7.30pm at the Shrine. This celebration will be our final before we crown Our Lady on October 1st this year. We see each one of us as a jewel in the crown of our Lady – ‘you are precious in my eyes’. We crown Mary our Queen so that she will care for us and we can unite ourselves with her in pursuing her share in the interests of her Son, namely building God’s Kingdom and welcoming all to find their way to the heart of the Father. We want to become missionary disciples of the covenant of love, reaching out to many so that each may find their way home to the Father. Mary is invited to be queen of our homes and our families.

In 1968 Father Kentenich, the founder of Schoenstatt died  in the sacristy just after saying Mass in the church of the Blessed Trinity in Schoenstatt. During this coming year we want to look at how Father Kentenich wanted us to be apostles for our time, instruments in Mary’s hands, wining the world for Christ. Our women’s group are preparing the Mass. We look forward to seeing you.

Covenant Mass on Saturday 18th February 2017

Dear friends you are invited to our Covenant Mass at the Shrine on Saturday 18th February at 7.30pm. The Mount Carmel Group are preparing the Mass. St Edmund’s Music Group and some of the Students from University Group will accompany us in the Mass. Fr Bryan will be the main celebrant. Introducing the letter on the Joy Of Love Pope Francis said: It is my hope that… all will feel called to love and cherish family life, for “families are not a problem; they are first and foremost an opportunity”. (§7) We celebrate family as the sacred space in which love can grow. We look forward to seeing you. Please bring donations for our food and clothes bank. Thank you

Into My Vineyard Change of Start Time

Into My Vineyard Pastoral, Leadership Meeting of the Schoenstatt Family. Our net Into My Vineyard Meeting is on Saturday 21st January starting at 3.30pm and Finish at 5.530pm.  We have received an invite to join Fr Andrew in celebrating his 50th Birthday at St Vincent’s Over Hulton.

At the Vineyard Meeting We will discuss all the topics concerning the Schoenstatt Movement: The Family Week in August, Weekend for young families in May, Pilgrimage to Fatima, MTA Magazine, Fun and Fundraisers in 2017 among other topics.  Representatives form the different branches are invited and we pray that they will be guided by the Holy Spirit in their planning.

Covenant Mass in January

Welcome to our first Covenant Mass in the New Year on Wednesday 18th January 2017. Holy Mass will be prepared by the Cenacle Group and Fr Pushpa will be the main Celebrant. St Edmunds Music Group will accompany us at Mass. In his letter on the Joy of Family Life our Holy Father Pope Francis encourages each family to bear witness in their family life and show how their faith helps them become the best version of their family and show God’s love and care in and through family. We look forward to seeing you their. Please bring another family with you to join us. Also remember to bring a donation for our cloths and food bank. God Bless