Annual May Day Pilgrimage

On Sunday 3rd May 2015 we invite you to the Annual May Day at the Shrine 1.00pm – 5.00pm. Holy Mass will be celebrated at 3.30pm in the St John Fisher Hall  This day of pilgrimage is an invitation to everyone to enjoy a day at the Shrine, celebrating Mary our Mother and our Covenant of Love. From the celebration of the Jubilee three aspects arise: Pilgrimage Renewal of the Covenant Our Mission For us we remember that our gift for the Jubilee was the completion and blessing of the Mosaic. During the day For Programme Details please click here


Taste and See Family Mass for Easter

We would like to invite you to our Taste and See Mass in the Octave of Easter. You are welcome to our Family Mass at 3.30pm on Sunday 12th April followed by a shared meal. This year we are preparing for the Synod and our theme is: Our Mission is Love Family fully Alive. We consider the importance of love in the family and its significance for the world. Our theme for Sunday is: Man and Woman Equal in dignity distinct in attributes. We look forward to seeing you. Please remember to bring a donation of non-perishable foodstuffs for those who are in need.


Taste and See Family Mass 8th February

You are invited to Taste and See Family Mass on Sunday 8th February 2015 at 3.30pm at the Shrine, St John Fisher’s Kearsley. The theme for this year is: “Love is our Mission. Family Fully Alive!” Last October there was an extraordinary Synod which introduced the topic of Family as the model and resource of evangelisation. In Autumn of 2015 there is to be a full Synod of the Bishops to take this topic further. How can we live our Faith in our family and what can we do to pass on the Faith through family life. When we live our mission as family, which is plain and simply the task of creating a culture of love in Christ we create  new space for many to find God in their homes. We would like to welcome you to our Family Mass at 3.30pm and afterwards we will share a meal with one another.


Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday

Tree of Evangelisation for Schoenstatt Hearts AfireWelcome to on Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday, 13th April at 3.30pm

Welcome to our Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday, 13th April at 3.30pm. Holy Mass will be at 3.30pm followed at 4.30pm by input and discussion for adults and there will be a children’s programme. At 5.30pm we will share a meal with one another and conclude our programme for 6.30pm. On entering Jerusalem Jesus won over the crowds at least fleetingly. They were not to remain steadfast for long in the face of opposition and criticism. His journey to Golgotha was to become a convincing argument of God’s love for each one of us and in the triumph of Easter he invited each of us to go out and win the World for Christ.

In the series Schoenstatt Hearts Afire Fr. Duncan is showing ways of how we can become apostles. The branches of the tree of evangelisation show three ways to evangelise. In the foliage of our tree of evangelisation, we can discover the various branches – mainly three large “branches”. These branches symbolise the different and the various styles of apostolate that we can be called to do. All three are important, and all three have their place and significance.

  • Evangelisation through Example
  • Evangelisation through Words

Into My Vineyard

Welcome to our ‘Into My Vineyard Meeting’. We experienced the beginning of the Centenary Year with the International Opening in Schoenstatt on 18th October 2013. We learned that the Holy Father, Pope Francis has extended a plenary indulgence on the Original Shrine and all Schoenstatt Shrines and so we expect that this coming year will be a year of grace.In the last few years we gone step by step towards this coming Jubilee. (If you come for Mass you may want to bring a packed lunch)

Saturday 7th December 2013  1.00pm – 5.00pm 

Invitation to Holy Mass at 12.00noon

(To Download the Invite and Programme for the Day please click here) Continue reading “Into My Vineyard”


Covenant Mass in November

Open Door JubileeWelcome to our Covenant Mass in November. Holy Mass will be on Monday 18th November at 7.30pm at the Shrine followed by light refreshments. Throughout the year we have looked at how to keep our Faith growing. There are three ways in which God attracts people to Himself.  We are attracted firstly by TRUTH.  We find an answer to our questions in the Church. Secondly we are attracted by BEAUTY.  We walk into a beautiful cathedral or see a sunset, or are inspired by beautiful music and we find God there.Thirdly, people are attracted to God by the GOODNESS of others: Smiling faces, open hands, open hearts.  Other people’s goodwill opens the door to God’s Love. Here at Schoenstatt, around and from our Shrine, we want to bring TRUTH, BEAUTY AND GOODNESS to people’s hearts so that we all may be drawn closer to God. In this month of the Holy Souls we remember all our deceased loved ones and ask that they may have their eternal reward.