The Father – Small Lenten Retreat

Bronze relief of Fr. Kentenich's handSchoenstatt Shrine and Pastoral Centre – St. John Fisher

Lent is an important time of the year for each one of us and for the Church. Resolutions are an aspect of the time… but what can we do to focus our energy on the religious in the middle of a busy program.

Lent is a good time for a Retreat – not easy in the middle of the working week – but why not try a “Retreat in the world”.

We will be offering a Mass on the Friday mornings of Lent at 6am at the Shrine – well before working time (and there is tea and toast afterwards). If you can’t join us in the Shrine – why not follow the mass on the Internet ( – the mass will be repeated their during the day…

At the mass there will be an input and you can receive material to focus your lenten journey for the coming week (if you are there – pick it up / on the web – we will send you and e-mail / don’t have e-mail – we’ll use the trusty post).


For further details contact Fr. Andrew
mobile: 07958 780 649

Masses on Friday,  March 18th and 25th, April 1st (no joke), 8th and 15th.


Welcome to our Covenant Mass in March

Our Lady and the Apostles in the CenacleWelcome to our Covenant Mass on the 18th March in the Shrine. We are in the Lenten Season and so are looking forward to Easter and searching for ways to focus more on the God of our lives. The Holy Mass will be prepared by Hilda and Brian Madden who are members of the Cenacle Group. This month they have put a small article in out MTA magazine telling the story of how they got this name for their group. The theme of our Covenant Mass is Disciples of the Father. Brian and Hilda write that it was from the Cenacle that the followers of Jesus were sent out to the whole world to bring good news to many. We want to celebrate in gratitude the gift of our faith and the gift of redemption in Christ. Lent gives us the opportunity to concentrate on the more essential things in our life. Continue reading “Welcome to our Covenant Mass in March”


Taste & See Mass in March

I am loved and Forgiven

March 13th, 3.30pm
Schoenstatt Shrine and Pastoral Centre

A mass prepared by families for families.

  • Gathering for Mass at 3.30pm we begin to look at our theme.
  • A shared meal helps us come together.
  • A time of reflection helps us open up in faith
  • Activities for children and young adults

Message for the Sick from Pope Benedict 2011

On 11th February each year, in memory of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes, the Church, proposes the World Day of the Sick. It is a time to reflect on the mystery of suffering and to draw the attention of our communities and civil society to the needs of our sick Brothers and Sisters. You should be at the centre of attention and not be forgotten or marginalised, to prevent society from being cruel and inhuman. It must be compassionate. When I visited Turin, I reflected and prayed before the Holy Shroud, remembering the sufferings of Christ. St. Peter writes “By his wounds, you have been healed”. Christ suffered, died and rose again, with his wounds becoming a sign of our redemption, of forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father. This becomes a test of faith. “Only a God who loves us to the extent of taking upon himself our wounds and our pain, specifically innocent suffering is worthy of faith” (Urbi et Orbi Message. Easter 2007). Dear Sick and Suffering, although the Lord rising again, did not remove suffering and evil from the World, he defeated them at their root. The way of peace is joy and love. Continue reading “Message for the Sick from Pope Benedict 2011”


Tell Them!

Some 14 years ago, I stood watching my university students file into the classroom for our opening session in the theology of faith.That was the day I first saw Tommy. Tommy turned out to be my biggest challenge. He constantly objected to or smirked at the possibility of an unconditionally loving God. When he turned in his final exam at the end of the course, he asked in a slightly cynical tone, “Do you think I’ll ever find God?” “No,” I said emphatically. “Oh,” he responded. “I thought that was the product you were pushing.” “But, He will find you!” I said to him. Continue reading “Tell Them!”


Disciple of the Father

Icon of Christ the Redeemer

School of Apostles

After this the Lord appointed seventy others and sent them on ahead of him in pairs to every town and place where he himself intended to go. He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. (Luke 10:1-2) Jesus called many to follow him. Some of these he took into training so that he could send them out to lots of places to prepare for his visit. He instructed them, encouraged them and empowered them to be envoys of his Good News. This strength coming from him allowed them to set the same signs he was setting so that people could see and believe that our God is a Father who keeps his promises and has given us the Redeemer promised. Continue reading “Disciple of the Father”