What is Schoenstatt?

What is Schoenstatt?A Place Schoenstatt (Translated = Beautiful Place) is a little village in the Rhine Valley near Koblenz in Germany. It has a long history of Church Presence, beginning as an Augustinian Monastery, later becoming a place of education for the Pallotine Community and now being one of the largest religious centres in Europe. The village of Schoenstatt is the centre of the International Movement of Schoenstatt, which has communities, and places of retreat in many different countries, especially South America and Europe.

A Movement Our world poses many challenges to individuals and also to the Church. The Second Vatican Council recognized many of these challenges of modern life and looked for ways to address them. Schoenstatt was founded in that spirit of searching for answers to the questions of today; not just in words but also in the way we live our lives of faith in a changing world.

A Family Schoenstatt offers people from all walks of life a spiritual home where they can grow in life and faith. As a community we try to help the individual to deal with the problems of modern life and to develop their relationship with God. In this family, an atmosphere of joy and mutual support offers people the chance to reflect and develop their spiritual life. This family networks people who wish to live a committed Christian life today.

The Covenant of Love At the centre of our Spirituality we find Mary, the Mother of God. With her we open ourselves in our life to Christ. Like her we try to bring Christ into the world of today, into our homes, our families, our places of work and worship. Our spirituality is “practical”, not just a faith for Sunday, but a faith that demands “Everyday Sanctity”. We believe that God has a plan for each individual and is present in everyday life. Our task is to answer his call.

Getting to know Schoenstatt

Schoenstatt is a Movement of Christians. We aren’t traditional we aren’t progressive -we are Christians in a modern world. We want to help to build the Church we love. We want to support people in their faith, their hope and their love. We want to show that Christianity is more than a “decoration”. It is a way to live, a different quality of life. Schoenstatt trusts that Mary, the Mother of the Church will lead us and educate us in our Youth Work, our work with Adults, especially in our work with Families.

At a glance what we do


  • family weekend
  • family holidays
  • pilgrimages
  • summer youth camp
  • youth leader training
  • support groups
  • seminars
  • women’s days
  • retreats
  • oasis days
  • days for priests
  • marriage preparation courses
  • liturgy and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament prayer
  • and much more…

What is Schoenstatt?


  • Schoenstatt, a Place of Grace
  • Schoenstatt, a Movement of Renewal
  • Schoenstatt, a Movement of the Church
  • Schoenstatt, a Family

Schoenstatt and its original spirituality


  • The Covenant of Love
  • Centre of our Spirituality
  • Everyday Sanctity
  • Spirituality of being God’s Instrument
  • Practical Faith in Divine Providence

What are the aims of Schoenstatt?


  • New People in a New Community
  • Unity between Faith and Daily Life
  • Co-operation of Apostolic Forces in the Church