Last Monday 18th of November we had the covenant mass celebrated by Fr. Andrew and organized by the Children and Youth branch. This celebration coincided with the feast of the dedication of the Basilicas of the Apostles Peter and Paul.

This feast reminds us that St Paul is our example of courage, holding in his hand a “sword” and a book and St. Peter is our image of our new church, holding “the keys” of the entrance of kingdom of God. They are always present at both sides of our MTA picture in our Schoenstatt Shrines to remind us this.

Mary offers her Son Jesus, to us in a special way in our Shrine, which is her
home, Jesus’s home and also our home. She is his mother, and also our
mother. It is always good to remember that we have her near us as an
example. The little we know about her life here on earth shows us the
example of the simple way of life that will lead us closer to her son.

As part of the Youth Branch of our Schoenstatt family here in Kearsley, we
would like to offer Our Lady, as a capital of grace and thanksgiving for all the blessings that have been coming our way. We are thankful for:
• Mission Manchester that has been being developed during the past years
with the support of all the Schoenstatt volunteers, Schoenstatt Fathers and
• Summer activities such as the Family Fun Day which was a dedicated day
of the shrine for the local community to bring new people to our Lady’s
• The start of the Schoenstatt Branch in London as a hope for the future for
our Schoenstatt mission in the UK to help families in Greater London to
find Schoenstatt home away from a Shrine.
• And the newly founded group of young people and women’s group that
has been meeting here every week here at SJF and Schoenstatt shrine,
that through sharing experiences and knowledge will keep growing
together in their faith.

Let us reflect in your image and walk through life entirely like you, strong
and noble, simple and kind, spreading love and peace and joy. Within us to
get through our times and make it ready for Christ.



We are excited to announce that St John Fisher will be helping the Holy Family “Seek Shelter”. During Advent, Mary and Joseph will spend time travelling amongst parishioner’s homes. Would you like to welcome the Holy Family into yours? If so, sign up after Mass or Email Fr. Bryan at



Dear Friends
We have the second meeting of members of Schoenstatt living in and around London. There are some in the Manchester area who are interested in joining in the next meeting in St Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Westminster. There will be a small coach traveling down to this event leaving Saturday morning 7.00am from the Shrine and returning 8.00pm to the Shrine. There are some seats available if you would like to go. Please contact Susan Kuhanga <>  Mb ‭07938 818512‬ if you would like to go.
God Bless.

Fr. Bryan.