I am with you…Manchester

We entrust all those who have died as the result of senseless evil violence to the heart of Mary and we remember the families now in grief.

O God, author and lover of peace, to know you is to live, to serve you is to reign; defend against every attack those who cry to you, so that we, who trust in your protection, may not fear the weapons of any foeThrough Christ our Lord.

We pray for all those who are maimed and injured and for your worried families. We thank the members of the NHS, the emergency services, for all who showed kindness and care on that terrible night and all those who have helped Manchester in this dark time. Click here for Poem from the Vigil


Manchester Incident

Our prayers and condolences with all those families involved in this terrible incident. We keep you in mind in this time of fear and anxiety. For the innocent who have lost their lives;  may they rest in peace and we want to support the families of those affected.


Covenant Mass in May Thursday, 18th May at 7.30pm

Tomorrow is our Covenant Mass celebration and you are invited. Deepening our Covenant of Love means to see one another in our greatness. Pope Francis says in his letter on the joy of love in the family: The love of friendship is called “charity” when it perceives and esteems the “great worth” of another person. Beauty – that “great worth” which is other than physical or psychological appeal – enables us to appreciate the sacredness of a person, without feeling the need to possess it. In a consumerist society, the sense of beauty is impoverished and so joy fades.

Our Joy is knowing we belong to the family of God and help built a home in which love is at the heart. Please come along and join us for Mass at 7.30pm on Thursday 18th May at 7.30pm. Please bring donations for our food bank.


Taste and See Family Mass in May

Welcome to our family Mass, Taste and See at the Shrine at 3.30pm on Sunday 14th May.  We are looking forward to seeing you and crowning our Lady as Queen of the May. After Mass we will have input and Children’s programme and finish with a shared meal. You are invited to bring a donation for our food and clothing bank for the homeless and the needy. See you at the Shrine


Celebration Dinner Invite from Mount Carmel Schoenstatt Group

You are invited to a Celebration Dinner at the Shrine on Friday June 9th 2017. We are fundraising for the Schoenstatt Family Fund to help send families with children on our Family Week. Please come along and support us. Contact Tricia Barnes <triciabarnes47@gmail.com>. There will be music from Eddie’s Band. Good food and good company. Tickets cost £20.00. We look forward to seeing you on the night. (For info click here)