Love for Love – Loyalty for Loyalty

We received the sad and unexpected news yesterday that Christine Beale, a member of the Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, passed away in her sleep yesterday. Christine came over with her family from South Africa a few years ago and made her home here in the south of England. She was a very active member of her Schoenstatt Institute and worked tirelessly in her local Parish Community. Christine, particularly in the last years, suffered greatly with health issues, but never lost her tremendous sense of humour and fun. Please remember her in your thoughts and prayers at the Shrine and remember her sister-in-law Collette and her nephews and nieces who will miss her greatly. She loved to the end and remained loyal to her Covenant of Love to the end. May she rest in peace and rise in glory!


Homewards to the Father

We received the sad news yesterday, that Ron Bradbury, from the earliest times of Schoenstatt in England, passed away in the early hours of 28th October. He died peacefully after suffering a stroke a few weeks ago. Ron, along with Margaret, was a great and constant support to Schoenstatt from the beginning and worked tirelessly at the Schoenstatt House in Oldham and at the new Pastoral Centre in Bolton. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Margaret and the family have requested that Ron’s Requiem take place at the Shrine and the burial will be in St Joseph’s Cemetery, Moston, Manchester. The date and details have not been released as yet. Please day a prayer for Ron and his family and light a candle for a very faithful and generous man, who took his Covenant of Love with our Mother Thrice Admirable seriously and lived it to the full. May he rest in peace and rise in glory!


Taste and See Mass in November

You are invited to the Taste and See Family Mass on Sunday 8th November at 3.30pm at the Shrine, St John Fisher’s Kearsley. After Mass we have input and a programme for the children. We conclude with a shared meal. Throughout this year we have considered the mission of the family especially today. Love is our mission – the family fully alive! Central to the mission of family is the formation of the children and the development of a family atmosphere in our homes. We learn that we belong in a family and our home is determined by the people we love and care for. This belongs to one of the top values we experience in family. The secure and sacred space of family allows us to grow in a network  of personal bonds. We learn to value these bonds of love and how to develop our own network of those we love and care for. Anchored in love we are ready to go out and help many searching to build up the web of love in their own lives. This month and next we would be grateful if your donations for the ‘food bank’ was not food but  took the form of socks and gloves to keep the homeless warmer this winter. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you.


October Day Pilgrimage to the Shrine

Welcome to the Day of Pilgrimage at the Shrine on Sunday October 18th . Our Programme starts at 1.00pm and we conclude with Holy Mass at 5.30pm. There will be a keynote address, workshops and a children’s programme. We will take time for prayer and refreshments will be available from our café. There will also be a book stall. Please bring a donation for our food-bank. We look forward to welcoming all your family and encourage you to invite a friend to join us on the day.


Love is our Mission: Family Fully Alive

Report on the World Meeting of Families 2015

Report of Fr Duncan McVicar & Fr Andrew Pastore SI

Introduction: “You guys are going to kill this city!”

Representing the Diocese of Salford at the World Meeting of Families 2015 in Philadelphia USA was a honour and unique experience for both of us. We arrived on Sunday morning, unpacked and found our accommodation. As we went for a walk down one of the busiest streets, a young man came in the opposite direction and as he walked past Fr Andrew, he coyly said: “You guys are going to kill this city!” He meant that as Philadelphia was expecting 15000 participants from over 100 countries (eventually that number rose to 20,000) arriving in the city – Christian families, priests and religious from practically every community – for the World Meeting of Families and then an estimated 1 million for the Papal Mass with Pope Francis, the “mood” and atmosphere of Philadelphia would change somewhat: A little more light in the dark, a little more hope in despair, a way forward instead of a dead end, a message of renewal instead of “throwaway culture”. The poor passerby seemed threatened by the thought of too many Christians descending on the city even if only for a week. The effect seemed to almost be “unbearable” for him.

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Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine

You are invited to the Taste and See Family Mass on Sunday 11th October at 3.30pm. Family is at the centre of interest both in the Church and the world. Pope Francis has just returned from the World Conference for Families in Philadelphia and is now with the members of the General Synod on the mission and life of the family today. Throughout this year we have looked at the mission of the family in order to become a family fully alive.

Pertinent to this mission is that family means that  mother and father work together to create a space of love in which their children can grow. Working together as man and woman and using the complementing gifts and talents which fathers and mothers have, spouses and  parents create a world in miniature for their relationship to each other and fertile ground for their children to grow in love and happiness.

Mass will be at 3.030pm. Afterward Paul and Clare and big sister, Jessica, invite you to a shared meal to celebrate the Baptism of Lucy Martha Lyddieth Barnes. Please invite your friends to come and join us. Remember to bring donations for our food-bank. These are passed on to the Brothers of Charity to assist those in need.