A Mother’s Crown

Heaven lit up with a mighty presence, as the Angels all looked down. Today the Lord was placing the jewels into my mother’s crown. He held up a golden crown, as my darling mother looked on. He said in His gentle voice, ‘I will now explain each one.’ “The first gem,’ He said, ‘is a Ruby, and it’s for endurance alone, for all the nights you waited up for your children to come home.’ ‘For all the nights by their bedside, you stayed till the fever went down. For nursing every little wound, I add this ruby to your crown.’ ‘An emerald, I’ll place by the ruby, for leading your child in the right way. For teaching them the lessons,That made them who they are today.’ ‘For always being right there, through all life’s important events. I give you a sapphire stone, for the time and love you spent.’‘For untying the strings that held them, when they grew up and left home. I give you this one for courage.’ Then the Lord added a garnet stone. ‘I’ll place a stone of amethyst,’ He said. ‘For all the times you spent on your knees, when you asked if I’d take care of your children, and then for having faith in Me.’ ‘I have a pearl for every little sacrifice that you made without them knowing. For all the times you went without, to keep them happy, healthy and growing.’ ‘And last of all I have a diamond, the greatest one of all, for sharing unconditional love whether they were big or small.’‘It was your love that helped them grow Feeling safe and happy and proud A love so strong and pure It could shift the darkest cloud.’ After the Lord placed the last jewel in, He said, ‘Your crown is now complete, You’ve earned your place in Heaven – With your children at your feet.’




Taste and See Mass in June

Tree of Evangelisation for Schoenstatt Hearts AfireWelcome to our Taste and See Mass in June. Tastes and See will be on Pentecost, 8th June starting with Mass at 3.30pm in St John Fisher Hall, Kearsley. We will then have an input for adults and the children will have their own programme. At 5.30pm we will share a meal with one another and finish for 6.30pm. In the Schoenstatt Hearts Afire programme we are looking at the roots of Evangelisation. We want to see how our life of faith grows in our family. Continue reading “Taste and See Mass in June”


Schoenstatt Hearts Afire in May

Hearts Afire The Schoenstatt WayYou are invited to the fourth meeting of Schoenstatt Hearts Afire: Evangelisation the Schoenstatt Way: The next meeting is on Wednesday 28th May 2014 at 7.30pm in the St John Fisher, Kearsley. Pope Francis is visiting Jordan and the Holy Land and he is reaching out to the sick, disabled, dispossessed and praying for peace. He wants each one of us to become missionary disciples. In our meeting we will look at how we can put this into practice especially through living our Covenant in family life. Continue reading “Schoenstatt Hearts Afire in May”


1:4:12 Taste and See Prayer for Youth

Don’t let anyone make fun of you, just because you are young. Set an example for other followers by what you say and do, as well as by your love, faith, and purity. (1 Timothy 4:12) Over the next twelve weeks we would like to invite you to pray for one hour a week for our youth (1:4:12) We have divided the week up and already we have quite a few who committed themselves o pray for the next twelve weeks for our youth. When we have four signed up for each day of the week it means each person shares the hour and commits themselves for 15 minutes. We want to pray in discernment for the way forward for the youth who attend Taste and See Mass so that we can develop a programme with committed leaders for them. Please join in our prayer. Please notify Gerry and Liz Markland what day you would like to sign up for. Contact the Marklands on 01613717661 Mb 07988803169 E-Mail <lizmarkland@yahoo.co.uk>.

Here is the prayer: 1:4:12 Come Holy Spirit, come! Through the intersession of our blessed Mother, come. Come bless mightily our youth and young adults at Schoenstatt. Come raise up for us committed leaders with vision and drive. We the families at ‘Taste and See’ and the Schoenstatt community unite ourselves to this prayer in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Amen


Pray For Vocations

As we pray today for vocations to the priesthood and religious life, I’d like to share a poem I read in a book of talks given by Archbishop Tim Dolan, written about the fatherhood of the priest:

Who are you, man of Mystery, our Father? By what arrogance do you approach the Holy – offering your manliness to mate with Sacred Spouse, and vowing with such singular abandonment to wed yourself to Holy Mother Church and so with her, in promiscuity divine, the seeds of Life? Or can it be that, led by ceaseless calling, summoned by the Matchmaker who serves the cause of Love, pursued by the Relentless One, you have succumbed and so it is submission which, to unholy eyes, appears presumption? How is it that, child-free, you are our Father? Is it that you daily bear God’s children? Is it that, with human voice, you speak a Father’s Word? Is it that you, fasting and breaking fasts, call us to supper and gather us at table for meal of Bread and Wine? Or that you celebrate our rites of passage, advising, chastising, baptizing us with water and with fire? Is it that you lift us in prayer, holding, embracing and blessing as only a Father might? Or that you hear our calling in the dark and come to take our hand and light a light – Or, in your priestly parenting, you come anointing, pointing the way past death to life? Who are you, man of Mystery, our Father? You’ve wed yourself to Holy Mother Church and, everywhere, you sow with her, in promiscuity divine, the seeds of Life. You bear and speak and feed, you shape and renew and heal and bless as only a Father can do. And so we, on this Father’s Day, your untold children, grateful, pray, “May life and Holy Spouse and God bless you.”


Mary and the Month of May

The month of May is the “month which the People of God  has especially dedicated to Our Blessed Lady,” and it is the occasion for a “moving tribute of faith and love which Catholics in every part of the world [pay] to the Queen of Heaven. During this month Christians, both in church and in the privacy of the home, offer up to Mary from their hearts an especially fervent and loving homage of prayer and veneration. In this month, too, the benefits of God’s mercy come down to us from her throne in greater abundance” (Paul VI: Encyclical on the Month of May, no. 1). This special custom of dedicating the month of May to the Blessed Virgin arose at the end of the 13th century. The Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of the Church and therefore the example, as well as the guide and inspiration, of everyone who, in and through the Church, seeks to be a servant of God. The Holy Spirit, as Pope Leo XIII reminded us, is the soul of the Church: All the activity and service of the members of the Church, beginning with the supreme participation of the Blessed Mother in the work of the Church, is vivified by the Holy Spirit as the body, in all its activities, is vivified by its soul. The Holy Spirit is the Paraclete, Advocate, and Comforter which Christ Himself sent to be our consolation in the sorrowful mysteries of life, our source of moderation in the joyful mysteries of life, our added principle of exaltation in the glorious mysteries of life. So He was for the Blessed Mother; so also He is for the least of us; so also He is for the rest of the Church, even for those who are its unconscious but conscientious members. Wherever there is faith there is the example of Mary, because she lived by faith as the Scriptures remind us.

Hail Mary, Mother of the Church and Queen of the Family. We honour you and come before your Picture of Grace to place upon it this precious Crown. We crown you in thanksgiving for everything that you have given to us in your motherly care and protection. Accept the Crown, which God has prepared for you from all eternity. Accept the Crown, as a sign of our love. Accept the Crown and give us many graces for the renewal of our Church and society. Accept the Crown and make every family a sanctuary of peace and love. Accept the Crown and call the youth of today to follow your Son. Accept the Crown, Mother and Queen, and teach us to love and serve our Saviour, Jesus Christ, in all things. Accept the Crown and pray for us in all our needs and petitions. Amen.


Please remember Tony Barnes RIP in your prayers

Please remember Tony Barnes in your prayers. Tony’s Requiem Mass is today at 11.00am in Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Wilson Road Blackley. We pray for Tricia and their children Catherine, Paul, Gerard and Matthew and their families. May the good Lord give him his eternal reward, may he rest in peace and rise in glory.