Taste and See Family Mass in July

teach us his ways“Let us go to the house of God that we may walk in his paths” 

Welcome to the Taste and See Mass on the 8th July at 3.30pm. Walking God’s ways in our family says more than a thousand words could ever  explain about living our faith.  From the outset of Schoenstatt Fr. Kentenich said people find it easier to believe in the concrete life of others rather than what they read in books. God needs us to to tell our story of faith so many find their faith.  Our pilgrimage to the Shrine is our wish to be in God’s presence in this holy place and our commitment to do his will in every circumstance of life. To download the invitation poster please click here


You Can’t Please Everyone

An old fable that has been passed down for generations tells about an elderly man who was traveling with a boy and a donkey. As they walked through a village, the man was leading the donkey and the boy was walking behind. The townspeople said the old man was a fool for not riding, so to please them he climbed up on the animal’s back. When they came to the next village, the people said the old man was cruel to let the child walk while he enjoyed the ride. So, to please them, he got off and set the boy on the animal’s back and continued on his way. In the third village, people accused the child of being lazy for making the old man walk, and the suggestion was made that they both ride. So the man climbed on and they set off again. In the fourth village, the townspeople were indignant at the cruelty to the donkey because he was made to carry two people. The frustrated man was last seen carrying the donkey down the road. We smile, but this story makes a good point: We can’t please everybody, and if we try we end up carrying a heavy burden. Well-meaning people may offer us advice, and much of it is valuable. But when we try to do everything other people want us to do, we can easily become frustrated and confused. That’s why we need to remember that the One we must please above all others is Christ. And we do that by obeying God’s Word. Carried any donkeys lately? You don’t have to if you’re trying to please Jesus.


Young Adult Mass at the Shrine in June

Young Adults Mass 24th June 2012

When are you too young or too old to join our Young Adults Mass at the Shrine? Father Kentenich said almost a hundred years ago that Our Lady promised to “draw youthful hearts” to the Shrine and shape them into Apostles for the New Evangelization. We look forward to welcoming you to Mass at the Shrine on Sunday 24th June at 6.00pm at the Shrine. There will be the opportunity for tea and a discussion in the Cottage after Mass. Look forward to seeing you.


Second Holy Family Project

Marriage Feast of CanaOn Saturday 16th June there was a meeting of 18 married couples from the Diocese of Salford interested in taking part in the second Holy Family Project, a training programme for married couples who want to work with other couples and families in the development of their family life and the growth of family spirituality. Many year ago Bl. Pope John Paul II said “Christians also have the mission of proclaiming with joy and conviction the Good News about family…” Bishop Terence Brain, who had supported the first Holy Family Project, invited the Schoenstatt Movement to start the next course. The course is a two year course in the practical development of the pastoral care of families. In the first year we look at “How to live Family” and in the second year, in developing the practical application of what we have shared, we consider “How to Teach Family”. Continue reading “Second Holy Family Project”


A Father’s Eyes

This teenager lived alone with his father, and the two of them had a very special relationship. Even though the son was always with the substitutes, his father was always in the stands cheering. He never missed a game of football. This young man was still the smallest of the class when he entered high school. But his father continued to encourage him but also made it very clear that he did not have to play football if he didn’t want to. But the young man loved football and decided to hang in there. He was determined to try his best at every practice, and perhaps he’d get to play when he became older. All through high school the son never missed a practice nor a game. His faithful father was always in the stands, always with words of encouragement for him. When the young man went to college, he decided to try for the college football team. Everyone was sure he could never make it, but he did. The trainer admitted that he kept him on the list because he always puts his heart and soul into every practice, and at the same time, provided the other members with the spirit and enthusiasm they badly needed.The news that he had survived the tests thrilled him so much that he rushed to the nearest phone and called his father. His father shared his excitement and was sent tickets for all the college games. This persistent young athlete never missed practice during his four years at college, but he never got to play in the game.It was the end of his senior football season, and as he trotted onto the practice field shortly before the big play off game, the trainer met him with a terrible piece of news. The trainer told him: “I sorry, but your father died this morning. We have just received the news . I am so sorry!” The coach put his arm gently around his shoulder and said, “Take the rest of the week off, son. And don’t even plan to come back to the game on Saturday. Saturday arrived, and the game was not going well. During the second half, a silent young man quietly slipped into the empty locker room and put on his football gear. As he ran onto the sidelines, the coach and his players were astounded to see their faithful teammate back so soon.”Sir, please let me play. I’ve just got to play today,” said the young man. The trainer pretended not to hear him. There was no way he wanted his worst player in this important game. But the young man persisted, and finally feeling sorry for the young man, the trainer gave in. “All right,” he said.”You can play.” Before long, the trainer, the players and everyone in the stands could not believe their eyes. This little unknown, who had never played before was doing everything right. The opposing team could not stop him. He ran, he passed, and played like a star. His team began to triumph. The score was soon tied. In the closing seconds of the game, this young man received a brilliant pass and scored the winning goal. The fans broke loose. His teammates hoisted him onto their shoulders. Such cheering you’ve never heard! Finally, after the stands had emptied and the team had showered and left the locker room, the trainer noticed that the young man was sitting quietly in the corner all alone. The trainer came to him and said, “Son, I can’t believe it. You were fantastic! Tell me what got into you? How did you do it?” He looked at the coach, with tears in his eyes, and said, “Well, you knew my dad died, but did you know that my dad was blind?” The young man swallowed hard and forced a smile, “Dad came to all my games, but today was the first time he could see me play, and I wanted to show him I could do it!”

Happy Father’s Day!


A Mystery Great and Inexhaustible

In 1263 a German priest, Peter of Prague, stopped at Bolsena while on a pilgrimage to Rome. He is described as being a pious priest, but one who found it difficult to believe that Christ was actually present in the consecrated Host. While celebrating Holy Mass above the tomb of St. Christina, he had barely spoken the words of Consecration when blood started to seep from the consecrated Host and trickle over his hands onto the altar and the corporal. The priest was immediately confused. At first he attempted to hide the blood, but then he interrupted the Mass and asked to be taken to the neighbouring city of Orvieto, the city where Pope Urban IV was then residing. The Pope listened to the priest’s account and absolved him. He then sent emissaries for an immediate investigation. Continue reading “A Mystery Great and Inexhaustible”