John Paul the Great….

On the 1st May,  we celebrate the beatification of Pope John Paul II. As a Schoenstatt Family we would like to celebrate this great day along with the Church. Take a time for prayer and reflcection – and follow some of the links provided here to find out more about this great man….

What is happening in Rome – click here

A tribute in pictures – click here

A dedicated website from the
American Bishops Conference – click here
What is happening in Salford Diocese – click here

And don’t forget to pray…

Prayer for the Beatification of Pope John Paul II

O Blessed Trinity,
we thank You for having graced the Church
with Pope John Paul II and for allowing
the tenderness of Your Fatherly care,
the glory of the cross of Christ,
and the splendor of the Holy Spirit,
to Shine through him.

May Day Celebration & Pilgrim Mother Rally

Pilgrim MotherTheme:

The little Marian Consecration Prayer

  • 15th May 2011
  • with Fr David

Program of the day:

1pm Arrival: tea, coffee – kindly bring your own packed lunch if travelling from afar
1.30-2.15 Prayer and input
2.15-3.00 alternative possibilities:
– Adoration in the shrine
– Handwork
3.15pm Holy Mass: 3rd Sunday of Easter
– Good Shepherd Sunday
– Recommissioning of Coordinators
– Mairan Devotion
Conclusion High Tea



Taste and See – May…

Poster for the Taste and See Mass in MayWelcome to out Taste and See Mass in May on the 8th May at 3.30pm at the Shrine in Kearsley. Some members of the Sion Community will be with us this time for the Children’s Programme!

The Gift of a Change of Heart

Often when we meet in the family we call to mind experiences we have shared. This can be more than mere reminiscence; sometimes bringing to mind really takes us back into the the concrete experience we share – and that could mean tears and laughter. At holy Mass we use the word commemorate when we bring to mind the gift of the Eucharist at the Last Supper, the grace of salvation  remembering Christ died for us to rise to new life and we expect the promised gift of His Spirit at Pentecost. Our faith tells us that the words we say bring about a real change and we come into the presence of the events we bring to mind – Christ’s Body and Blood given for the life of many.  We k look forward to meeting you there.

Download the Poster – click here


The Tale of Three Roman Soldiers

In the cool predawn darkness, three battle-hardened Roman soldiers in full armour are guarding Joseph’s tomb where Jesus was buried three days earlier. Despite strict army regulations, they are talking softly, almost at a whisper, between themselves.

“All men die the same,” one mutters.

This apathetic tone ignites a spark of anger from another. “Not like he did!” was the intense whispering reply. “We nailed him to the cross-bar and hoisted it onto the upright, but I’ll never forget the words that he said during his execution.” Turning his head and looking at the others with fire in his eyes and a narrowed brow, he said with slower more precise diction, “I was responsible for killing him, and he forgave me!” A third insensitive voice quickly responds, “Haven’t you been a soldier too long to be troubled by a guilty conscience?” Continue reading “The Tale of Three Roman Soldiers”