Monday Night with Jeff Randell

World seen from spaceJust listening to an hour of economic news and I learned three new words: frictional unemployment, webbinar and cloud computing. Frictional unemployment explains the heartache and uncertainty many people are undergoing at the moment. It does not compare with the wave of destruction in Japan nor with the uncertainty of tenure of life in North Africa but it is very real to many people who will be left behind in the country’s time of recovery. (In the eighties we had structural unemployment which left an enormous number of young people unemployable because we had a country undergoing tremendous change and not all could get on board.) Young people have these issues as real questions which effect their lives directly. Will I get a job? Can I afford to go to university? It leads them to the deeper questions they have to answer as life’s questions: Who am I and why am I here? Will I meet the love of my life and is there somewhere I can make a difference?

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