Into My Vineyard February 2012

Meeting of the Schoenstatt Family

Welcome to our ‘Into My Vineyard Meeting’. This year we focus on the Shrine as a place of being in God’s presence, a place of grace and spiritual growth, a place for the New Evangelisation spoken of by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. We want to reach out to welcome new people. To download invite click here

We will change the dates and format of our Covenant Mass each month. A new initiative of Parish Shrine days extends an invitation to ten Parishes in Salford Diocese to spend a day at the Shrine. For this we need a new apostolic team to run the days. Our Taste and See Mass continues to invite especially young families to our Sunday Family Mass. This year we receive in the month of May/June a unique copy of the Pilgrim Mother Shrine from John Possabon which has been journeying in Europe and will be crowned as Mary Queen of the New Evangelisation in September 8th 2012. The Mosaic Prayer Garden is taking shape –  we look forward for an update in this gift to Our Lady for the year 2014. There will be time for the Branches to meet during the meeting to discuss and plan their programme  for the year. To download overview of programme towards 2014 click here


Taste and See Family Mass February 2012

Invite to Februar Family MassWelcome to our Taste and See Mass in February. Our Mass in on Sunday 12th February at 3.30pm followed by a shared meal. All are welcome. This year we celebrate a Year of the Shrine.Denis Shevlan Winter Birds In faith we say: God is here in the Shrine. God is near and God needs us. Our home is a secure place in which we want our family to experience God’s presence. Not distant nor estranged our God is near to us and knows the beating of our heart and the sound of our breathing. He is near to us because he loves us.  He needs us. Our children know of God’s love because they experience the love and care of their parents. His choice is to become dependent on us – that is why he invites us to join in his plan of love. Anchored in the heart of God we have the courage and confidence to reach out to many. To download Poster click here


Message for the Sick from Pope Benedict 2011

On 11th February each year, in memory of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes, the Church, proposes the World Day of the Sick. It is a time to reflect on the mystery of suffering and to draw the attention of our communities and civil society to the needs of our sick Brothers and Sisters. You should be at the centre of attention and not be forgotten or marginalised, to prevent society from being cruel and inhuman. It must be compassionate. When I visited Turin, I reflected and prayed before the Holy Shroud, remembering the sufferings of Christ. St. Peter writes “By his wounds, you have been healed”. Christ suffered, died and rose again, with his wounds becoming a sign of our redemption, of forgiveness and reconciliation with the Father. This becomes a test of faith. “Only a God who loves us to the extent of taking upon himself our wounds and our pain, specifically innocent suffering is worthy of faith” (Urbi et Orbi Message. Easter 2007). Dear Sick and Suffering, although the Lord rising again, did not remove suffering and evil from the World, he defeated them at their root. The way of peace is joy and love. Continue reading “Message for the Sick from Pope Benedict 2011”


Young Adult Mass and Meeting

Picture of the creator Hand of GodAt 6pm mass for young adults starts in the Shrine. This is followed by a meeting to look ahead to the Night Vigil in Holy week.
Bring some food and drink along to share after wards…

The Young adults mass takes place on the last Sunday of every Month (not Easter Sunday or Chrsitmas Day

Fr. Andrew