Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday

Tree of Evangelisation for Schoenstatt Hearts AfireWelcome to on Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday, 13th April at 3.30pm

Welcome to our Taste and See Mass on Palm Sunday, 13th April at 3.30pm. Holy Mass will be at 3.30pm followed at 4.30pm by input and discussion for adults and there will be a children’s programme. At 5.30pm we will share a meal with one another and conclude our programme for 6.30pm. On entering Jerusalem Jesus won over the crowds at least fleetingly. They were not to remain steadfast for long in the face of opposition and criticism. His journey to Golgotha was to become a convincing argument of God’s love for each one of us and in the triumph of Easter he invited each of us to go out and win the World for Christ.

In the series Schoenstatt Hearts Afire Fr. Duncan is showing ways of how we can become apostles. The branches of the tree of evangelisation show three ways to evangelise. In the foliage of our tree of evangelisation, we can discover the various branches – mainly three large “branches”. These branches symbolise the different and the various styles of apostolate that we can be called to do. All three are important, and all three have their place and significance.

  • Evangelisation through Example
  • Evangelisation through Words

Schoenstatt Hearts Afire

Welcome to the next encounter at Schoenstatt Hearts Afire: Salt, Light and Leaven

Wednesday, 26th March 7.30pm-9.00pm at the Shrine, St John Fisher’s Kearsley. Fr. Duncan will lead us in the meditation on Salt, Light and Leaven followed by time for discussion and questions and we will finish with light refreshments.

Every Christian is called today to be light, salt and leaven. However, there are still only a few Catholics who really commit themselves to evangelisation. When we speak about evangelisation we are speaking about renewing, with the face of Christ, the culture in which we live. This means, it will affect our choices and decisions, it will affect the values we hold dear, it will affect the way we live, our priorities, the things that interest us or do not interest us; and it should also affect our thoughts and our thinking; it should be the inspirational source of life and motivation for any life of faith. For this reason, it is important to evangelise not in the sense of a “superficial varnish” but really to get to the depths of today’s culture, and heal the world through the power of love.


Covenant Mass in Lent

Welcome to our Covenant Mass this evening on Tuesday 18th March at 7.30pm. Holy Mass is prepared by our Cenacle Group and the main celebrant will be Father Duncan The St Edmund’s Music Group will accompany out celebration of Holy Mass. The Theme for tonight’s Mass is “Your are  Salt, Light and Leaven”.
Pope Francis has challenged us to share the joy of the Gospel with many. Our Lord commissioned us to be as salt, light and leaven for the world so that the world will know the gift of redemption. Lent is the time we take to prepare ourselves and those who search for God in their lives for the great gift of Easter. We de-clutter our lives and focus on what is important.

Covenant Mass in February

Welcome to our Covenant Mass this evening on Tuesday 18th February at 7.30pm. Holy Mass is prepared by our two Schoenstatt Groups from Liverpool and the main celebrant will be Father Reginald. The St Edmund’s Music Group will accompany out celebration of Holy Mass. The Theme for tonight’s Mass is Evangelisation?  Who me?
Today, perhaps more than ever, the Church needs people who are deeply moved by an awareness of their mission in the world.  As members of the Schoenstatt Family, we aim to discover our mission.  As Mary’s instruments, we need her intercession to the Holy Spirit, so that He will fill us with wisdom and courage and enable us to carry out our task in the world in helping to prepare the way to God for others.  God speaks to us through people and events.  When we are called will the answer be, “Yes Father”.

Taste and See Family Mass in February

Welcome to Taste and See Mass ion Sunday 9th February. All are welcome. Holy Mass begins at 3.30pm. After Mass we will have input for the adults and the children will have their own programme Then you are invited to share a meal. We plan to finish by 6.30pm. We seek to develop our faith following the Year of Faith and the invitation of Pope Francis to missionary conversion and becoming apostles of the joy of the Good News. The topic for our input will be “Apostle – who me?” The founder of Schoenstatt Father Kentenich said we are part of the Church standing on the new shore. Our task is to become family apostles of this Church  reaching out to the present and real members of society and giving them a share in the joy of the Gospel. We look forward to welcoming you to our Mass.


Fourth Sunday of Lent (A)

He went off and washed himself, and came away with his sight restored

When we get to Easter, there are two symbols of the resurrection that we use in Church: fire and light (the Easter Candle) and water (the Font). Last week we reflected on water, and this week there are passages all about light – true light, that defeats the blindness of sin. Again, this would have been offered to those preparing for Baptism, but speaks to all of us who have been baptised, inviting us to be renewed in the light of Christ at Easter. Remember that one of the oldest titles of the newly baptised was “neophyte”, which means “newly enlightened” There is a subtle link between the readings on this Sunday: in the first reading, David is anointed, and the Spirit of the Lord seizes on him. This anointing lights him along the right path – ‘no evil would I fear’ as the Psalm says. Then Paul tells us more about this light: it is Christ shining on us, calling us to live as children of light. All this is summed up in the Gospel, the marvellous story of the healing (by being ‘anointed’ with spittle) of the man born blind. Jesus is the light of the world


A Reminder – Family Week August 2014

Original Shrine and Covenant HouseYou are invited: Next Year we have our Family Week in Marienau in Schoenstatt – Saturday 2nd – Saturday 9th August 2014. This is the year of Schoenstatt’s Centenary and we will be living four minutes from the Original Shrine. Our theme for the Week will be: Celebrate 100 years of the Covenant of Love. We will have a family based programme and look forward to joining you there. Please complete the registration Form and return it to Konrad with the deposit by the end of January 2014. For more details contact Konrad and Anne Ostmeier of Fr. Bryan (If you would like to book on to this week click here to download the Info Leaflet and Registration form.)