Covenant Day 18th October

Today is Schoenstatt’s ‘birthday’, 18th October 1914. Tonight we celebrate our covenant Mass at the Shrine starting at 7.30pm with a procession to the Shrine and the renewal of out Covenant. Each of us is called to be an Apostle of the Covenant bringing the good news of our love of Mary and that the Mother of God and our mother leads us to Christ. We want to explore what are the virtues of a missionary disciple of the Covenant of LOVE. We look forward to welcoming you


Sunday 7th October Day

Dear friends welcome to our October Day Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine at Kearsley. The Mount Carmel Group are preparing the day for us. We gather at 12.30pm and you are invited to bring a packed lunch. Opening Prayer and introduction to the day will be at 1.15pm followed by an input on

Becoming a Missionary Disciple of Our Lady and an Apostle of the Covenant of Love

This will be followed by two workshops – one about weaving the fabric of our Covenant further and a second about preparing for reaching out to many so that they may discover the Covenant of Love as a viable way to holiness. We will have a children’s programme. The Café will be available until 3.00pm. We’ll have prayers in the Shrine from 4.00pm on and holy Mass in the Hall at 5.00pm. We look forward to welcoming you on the day.


Taste and See Mass on Mercy Sunday 8th April 2018

You are invited on Mercy Sunday to celebrate Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine this Sunday 8th April 2018. We begin with Mass at 3.30pm and will conclude with a shared meal. St John Paul II said in his first sermon to mark Mercy Sunday:

The Heart of Christ!
His “Sacred Heart” has given men everything: redemption, salvation, sanctification. Saint Faustina Kowalska saw coming from this Heart that was overflowing with generous love, two rays of light which illuminated the world.

Through the mystery of this wounded Heart, the restorative tide of God’s merciful love continues to spread over the men and women of our time. Here alone can those who long for true and lasting happiness find its secret.

“Jesus, I trust in You!”
This prayer, dear to so many of the devout, clearly expresses the attitude with which we too would like to abandon ourselves trustfully in Your hands, 0 Lord, our only Savior.



Taste and See Mass on Mothers’ Day

All our mothers are invited to join with their families and celebrate Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine this Sunday 11th March 2018. We begin with Mass at 3.30pm and will conclude with a shared meal. We give thanks for our mothers and ask God to reward them for the good they do because they love. Our Holy Father encourages us to listen to the ‘Gospel of the Family’

(Family) is the path along which the history of salvation progresses… The triune God is a communion of love, and the family is its living reflection. The aim of Church teaching is “to present marriage more as a dynamic path to personal development and fulfilment than as a lifelong burden”  If the parents are in some sense the foundations of the home, the children are like the “living stones” of the family.  Here too, we can see another aspect of the family. We know that the New Testament speaks of “churches that meet in homes”.  A family’s living space could turn into a domestic church, a setting for the Eucharist, the presence of Christ seated at its table.



Into my Vineyard

You are invited to our Into My Vineyard Meeting this coming Saturday 10th March 2018 at 3.30pm. we will finish with Mass in the Shrine. The women’s group are preparing for the May Day and they will report on the programme. We also have the first of the Father Kentenich Seminars on Saturday April 28th 2018 and the team preparing these will also report on what we are planning. The family branch has the Family Week in Whitby 6th – 10th August. The registration forms for the family week will be available at this meeting. Anyone interested in going to Dublin for the World Meeting of Families  August 21st – 26th 2018 will receive more information of the trip planned by the Diocese of Salford. There is also a Eucharistic Congress in Liverpool from 7th -9th September this year and our Women’s group have expressed interest in going and in how we develop Adoration at the Shrine. We look forward to seeing you at the vineyard meeting to discuss all these topics and much more.


First Covenant Mass in Lent

Dear Friends this year we have two Covenant Masses in Lent – maybe like a ‘blue moon’. We could take the lenten resolution to attend both this year. You are welcome to join us tomorrow night, Sunday 18th February at 7.30pm. Our University Students are preparing the Mass and St Edmund’s group will play for Mass. In his Lenten Message this year Pope Francis reminds us of a Word from St Matthew: “Because of the increase of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold” (Mt 24:12). He goes on to explain “In his description of hell, Dante Alighieri pictures the devil seated on a throne of ice, in frozen and loveless isolation.  We might well ask ourselves how it happens that charity can turn cold within us.  What are the signs that indicate that our love is beginning to cool?” Perhaps our Lenten Journey as missionary apostles of the Covenant of Love can be to bring warmth into the lives of those feeling cold and to ask the Holy Spirit to reach out to those whose heart is in danger of freezing over. Please come along and bring family and friends with you. We will also collect donations for our clothes and food bank