Year of the Shrine – Annunciation

Continuing the excerpts from the book of Msgr. Peter Wolf describing Fr. Kentenich’s relationship to and thinking on the Shrine we learn this week of the importance of a discovery Fr. Kentenich made in a newspaper – a pilgrimage place built up in Italy. I don’t want to spoil the story… So read on…

Fr. Andrew

From One Annunciation Hour to Another

On 18 July 1964, a decisive hour for the Schoenstatt Fathers, the Founder’s thoughts took him back to the beginnings of the Movement. Referring to the date of that day, he spoke about an article written on that day in 1914 in the newspaper, “Allgemeine Rundschau”. He wanted to explain to those present how he had seen and understood the article about the origins of the place of pilgrimage at Valley of Pompeii as an “hour of Annunciation”. He let them share in his searching and questioning, which he connected with the hour of the Annunciation in the life of the Blessed Mother. He allowed them to sense what daring this required of him, and the loneliness of his position over the following months until he took the decisive initiative on 18 October. Continue reading “Year of the Shrine – Annunciation”

Year of the Shrine – A Journey…..

We find ourselves on the journey preparing to celebrate the Jubilee of the Covenant of Love in 2014. Each year of preparation is unique. This year we celebrate the year of the Shrine – a central part of our life as a Schoenstatt Family. For this year Fr. Peter Wolf – a diocesan priest and member or the Schoenstatt Institute of Diocesan Priests has collated a book of texts from Fr. Kentenich on the history of teh Shrine and its meaning within our Schoenstatt Family.

Each week we will take a extract from this publication to help us come to know the background and meaningof the Shrine. The full book will shortly be available from the Shrine.

You can download the text (click here)  and print it – or read it below….

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