Covenant Mass in October

On the  18th October  each year Schoenstatt celebrates its ‘birthday’ – the day marked by the events on that day in 1914. The students at the college had been involved in two groups since 1912; one was more like a prayer group the other a group for action -‘ the Missionary Section’. On that fateful day Fr. Joseph Kentenich held a talk which afterward became known as the founding constitution of the Schoenstatt Movement. That’s why we are celebrating the centenary of the Covenant of Love in the year 2014. Continue reading “Covenant Mass in October”


Taste and See Family Mass

Welcome to our Family Mass in October. This coming Sunday we celebrate the Taste and See Mass in October. Through out the year we have considered the graces of the Shrine: to find a home, to be changed and live in God’s presence and to become apostle of his Good News. We will continue our theme of spreading this Good News. When he first became Pope The Holy Father said: “There is nothing more beautiful than to know Christ and to speak to others of our friendship with him”.  (Benedict XVI, April 2005) Our home is the place where we tell our story and within our family and beyond we want to share this joy. I look forward to seeing you at our Mass. Mass at 3.30pm followed by a shared meal. To download the poster click here


Into My Vineyard

I would like to invite and welcome you to our ‘Into My Vineyard Meeting’ on Saturday  24th September stating at 1.30pm As we planned for our Tenth Jubilee we formulated our vision for the next ten years of the Shrine.

Our Shrine is about Family. 

Our Mission – to encourage young families 

and young people to come to the Shrine.

We will receive from end of September for a month the Altar Stone which was in the old altar of the Original Shrine before the present altar was put in. This Stone has ‘witnessed’ the beginning of Schoenstatt and the founding generation. It is a wonderful ‘relic’ of that time and a symbol of unity with the Original Shrine. The  pilgrim graces of our Shrine spring forth from their original source in the Covenant of the Founding Generation in the Original Shrine on the 18th of October 1914. we will have this Altar Stone to mark the beginning of our Year of the Shrine. Click here to download the poster


What we need for “grace to flow”

Three points of ContactContact Point

Early in the 1950ties people belonging to Schoenstatt were challenged to try and describe what it was that made up ‘Schoenstatt’ and how it worked. One of the reasons for this was that Schoenstatt and its founder Fr. Joseph Kentenich was put into question. Church authorities were uncertain how ‘Catholic’ is Schoenstatt? To a certain extend we could say that the members of the Schoenstatt Movement were trying to find answers: in the world of business this belonged to the early attempts to define what one could call Schoenstatt’s corporate identity. In spiritual terms we would say that they were trying to unearth the deep spiritual roots of Schoenstatt’s growth. Continue reading “What we need for “grace to flow””