Fr David

Despite being born in Chester in the United Kingdom towards the beginning of World War II, Father David has lived almost all of his life in South African.

The son of a farmer of Anglo Boer War era associated with the Duke of Westminster and a English mother of original Germany Jewish and Irish heritage, Father David discovered the world of Schoenstatt while serving in the SA Navy following in the footsteps of his father who was a rating aboard the General Botha (formerly HMS Thames) in the 1930s.

Joseph Engling, a young German patriot and fledgling saint of the trench warfare of the First World War appealed to his then current situation and encouraged him to continue to acknowledge a nascent vocation, strive towards manly holiness and respond to a sociological desire to “do good”, help people and “build bridges”, between people, themselves and God.

Father entered the fledgling community of Schoenstatt Fathers just prior to the death in September 1968 of the founder, Joseph  Kentenich. In a number of ways Father David was a forerunner and pioneer, together with a group of other students from various parts of the world in further establishing our Community.

He was ordained to the sacred priesthood in December 1976 and until 2006 served mainly as a Parish Priest in the Archdiocese of Cape Town, South Africa. Within the Schoenstatt lay Movement there he has assisted with the Girls’ Branch, Women’s League, Pilgrim Movement and Union/Federation of Mothers. Here in England he assists in the Women’s League and Pilgrim Mother champagne while being Administrator of the parish of Saint John Fisher.

Despite his age, he believes in the Miracle of the Wedding Feast of Cana : that the  best wine is still  to be served…


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