Mrs Antoinette Waterworth says:

I am an ex Zimbabwean and was in the Schoenstatt
Mother’s and Family movement. I would like the
contact address closest to my residence. Thank you,
Blessings from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Mother Thrice Admirable.

Anna Latham says:

Hello, I am a Schoenstatt mother in Wales and am very happy to have contact with you. Fr Musgrave will have my email address. Thank you, Anna.

Ana Maria says:

I am from Ecuador and I was part of the women’s league and made my covenant of love in Nov, 19 years ago. I live now in London and I would love to have a contact of my closest branch. thank you!

Hi Anna
Will be in touch – have not forgotten you…
Fr. Andrew

Iciar says:

I am Iciar Bravo, I was part of the Woman Youth in Paraguay and I move to London for a year.

I would love to contact someone from Schoenstatt in London, or go to the Santuaries,