Sunday 7th October Day

Dear friends welcome to our October Day Annual Pilgrimage to the Shrine at Kearsley. The Mount Carmel Group are preparing the day for us. We gather at 12.30pm and you are invited to bring a packed lunch. Opening Prayer and introduction to the day will be at 1.15pm followed by an input on

Becoming a Missionary Disciple of Our Lady and an Apostle of the Covenant of Love

This will be followed by two workshops – one about weaving the fabric of our Covenant further and a second about preparing for reaching out to many so that they may discover the Covenant of Love as a viable way to holiness. We will have a children’s programme. The Café will be available until 3.00pm. We’ll have prayers in the Shrine from 4.00pm on and holy Mass in the Hall at 5.00pm. We look forward to welcoming you on the day.


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