Taste and See Mass on Mothers’ Day

All our mothers are invited to join with their families and celebrate Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine this Sunday 11th March 2018. We begin with Mass at 3.30pm and will conclude with a shared meal. We give thanks for our mothers and ask God to reward them for the good they do because they love. Our Holy Father encourages us to listen to the ‘Gospel of the Family’

(Family) is the path along which the history of salvation progresses… The triune God is a communion of love, and the family is its living reflection. The aim of Church teaching is “to present marriage more as a dynamic path to personal development and fulfilment than as a lifelong burden”  If the parents are in some sense the foundations of the home, the children are like the “living stones” of the family.  Here too, we can see another aspect of the family. We know that the New Testament speaks of “churches that meet in homes”.  A family’s living space could turn into a domestic church, a setting for the Eucharist, the presence of Christ seated at its table.



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