I am with you…Manchester

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 24/05/2017 -

We entrust all those who have died as the result of senseless evil violence to the heart of Mary and we remember the families now in grief.

O God, author and lover of peace, to know you is to live, to serve you is to reign; defend against every attack those who cry to you, so that we, who trust in your protection, may not fear the weapons of any foeThrough Christ our Lord.

We pray for all those who are maimed and injured and for your worried families. We thank the members of the NHS, the emergency services, for all who showed kindness and care on that terrible night and all those who have helped Manchester in this dark time. Click here for Poem from the Vigil

Patty Ganley says:

Be close to is Dear Mother at this time.Walk our streets and comfort us. Take all our prayers to your Son.
Enfold your children who have been taken in your loving mother’s arms.