Year of Mercy – Asking Mary, the Mother of Mercy to educate us

Mary, our Blessed Mother, has a special mission in the Church to help us discover the mercy of God in our own lives. God revealed his mercy in such a powerful way in her life. She became the “mirror” of God’s mercy and love. When we get close to Mary and try to love her and imitate her, then we can better understand what it means that God is merciful. For centuries, the Church has honoured her and trusted her as “the Mother of mercy”. In her life and experiences, God revealed – in the most special way – his merciful love and his fatherly care. For this reason, Mary now has a special task and mission in the Church today to help each one of us discover God’s mercy for ourselves. Cardinal Faulhaber, in the Marian Year 1954, famously commented: “The merciful Father didn’t place his grace in the stars, or in the depths of the ocean, or hidden in fine pearls; he put his grace into the hands of a Mother, because only a mother is always willing to give and keep on giving”. Mary becomes for the disciples of Jesus an example of faith and an educator in the spiritual life. Love is a reality that unites us to someone else and even makes us alike. If we learn to love our Blessed Mother in heaven then we unite ourselves to her and we become like her: We become someone who experiences God’s mercy, and we desire to be mediators or agents of that mercy to others. Matthew Kelly wrote about the “biggest lie” and he said the following: There is plenty of evidence that the joy we seek can be found by applying the teachings of Jesus to our lives. So, what is it that holds us back from fully embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ? Our fear and brokenness can be an obstacle. God invites us to a total surrender and we had afraid to let go. The culture in all its distractions can prevent us from seeing the beauty of the life God invites us to live. Self-loathing, unwillingness to forgive ourselves and others, biases and prejudices that have been born from past experiences, complacency toward others in need, selfishness – these are all real obstacles in our quest to authentically live the teachings of Jesus. There are also the lies that are always swirling around Christianity. These lies can sow doubt in our hearts and minds, and erode our faith. There are so many lies in circulation about Christians and Christianity. Most are the result of ignorance. Some are the result of intentional misinformation. A handful are a malicious personal attack upon Jesus in an attempt to discredit the Christian faith. Some of these lies are aimed at our theology and beliefs, and others are aimed at the Christian way of life. But one lie is having a diabolical impact on the lives of modern Christians. It is the biggest lie in the history of Christianity. It is worth noting that this lie is not one that non-Christians tell. It is a lie we tell ourselves as Christians. This is the lie: Holiness is not possible.The great majority of modern Christians don’t actually believe that holiness is possible. Sure, we believe it is possible for our grandmothers or some mediaeval saint –just not for us. We don’t actually believe that holiness is possible for us. It is astounding that just one lie can neutralise the majority of Christians. That’s right, neutralise. This lie takes is out of the game and turns us into mere spectators in the epic story of Christianity. It may be the devil’s biggest triumph in modern history. It is the holocaust of Christian spirituality. In thousands of ways every day we tell ourselves and each other: holiness is not possible. But it is a lie. And we cannot experience the complete joy that God wants for us and that we want for ourselves until we get beyond it. When did you stop believing holiness was possible for you? Here is a beautiful Prayer for the coming days: Jesus, protect me from all the lies that seek to build a barrier between you and me, and remind me of my great destiny. Amen.


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