Year of Mercy – Dealing with our own sinfulnesses and weaknesses

One of the “masterpieces” of the spiritual life is how to deal with our own weaknesses, our sinfulness and personal misery before God. If we don’t find a good and healthy way to do this, we always run the risk that our spiritual lives never seem to grow and mature and that, in actual fact, they no longer do us any good, do not bring us closer to God, but even start to become a kind of obstacle. There are four simple answers to how do we can deal with our weaknesses and are limitations: i. Don’t be surprised!  This means, don’t be surprised that we are weak, don’t be surprised that we make mistakes, don’t be surprised that we sin – we do all this because we are human, because we are “creation”. Don’t be surprised that we are tempted, don’t be surprised that we encounter difficulties, anxieties, fears and doubts – we experience all these things, because we are human, and we are fragile. If we want to be surprised at anything at all, then we should be surprised that we are not actually worse than we are. However, we should never be surprised that we are as we are. ii. Don’t get disappointed!  We have to take seriously that we are people influenced by Original Sin. We are limited and we have problems, and we carry a lot of “baggage” around with us. Sometimes, if we try to do our best and try to be closer to God, we often get disappointed, or feel we have let ourselves down, or get confused if any hope of improvement is really possible. We realise that we have been given so many opportunities and received so many graces from God to change things and make things better, and we didn’t use them or profit from them, when we could have done. However, precisely in such situations, we must watch and be vigilant that we don’t allow ourselves to get disappointed or confused. If we allow ourselves to be disappointed, we often take away the necessary energy and resources that we need to “walk again” with the Lord. iii. Don’t get discouraged! If we allow ourselves to become discouraged, we actually put up the greatest obstacle to a new beginning. Discouragement drains our spiritual life completely, and can be even more dangerous than more serious sins and temptations. The experience of joy in the Christian life is essential to us. The person who knows that God loves them and accepts them as they are, has many reasons to celebrate and rejoice. This positive, happy and optimistic feeling about life and attitude towards life gives energy and courage in our daily Christian living. For this reason, it is so important that we never allow discouragement to find a home in us, or find a foothold in our souls. And then iv. Don’t give up! We give up and we start to become indifferent when we say something like: “This is the way I was made, nothing works, so I won’t even try any more”. Self-pity or constantly capitulating before our mistakes or limitations is no solution. By not giving up, we include in our spiritual lives, the element of perseverance – which was so important to Jesus. We should always remember this liberating message: No one needs to be perfect before God. We should and may bring all our failings and limitations to him. God also is very aware of who we are and he already reckons with our sins and mistakes before we even make them. Therefore, when they do happen in our lives, it is not a tragedy. What is important, is a positive way in dealing with sins and limitations. The experience of our own weaknesses and misery, the experience that we are all sinners, is the greatest means to open the “floodgates” of God’s mercy in our lives.


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