Year of Mercy – Becoming “Mediators” of God’s Mercy

The Year of Mercy is an opportunity to translate our faith in the mercy and love of God into our daily lives. God’s mercy, and the teaching about God’s mercy, should motivate us to live well and to master daily life. Every Christian is called to receive the merciful love of God; i.e. to have an open heart for the workings of God’s mercy in his or her own life. And at the same time, every Christian is called to be a “mediator” of God’s mercy to others; i.e. to share God’s merciful and forgiving love with the people around them. When we speak about becoming “channels” or “mediators” of God’s love for others, then we are speaking, at the end of the day, about love for our neighbour. Love of neighbour should always be nourished and inspired by our love of God. We are called to look out for each other, and put the welfare of others before our own welfare. We are called to have a generous and open heart for each other and love each other mutually – and this love for each other also brings about a positive acceptance and esteem for each other. Love of neighbour, at the end of the day, is an act of service towards them: Everything that I am, and everything I have, is at the disposal of the people around me. In other words, following Christ means we give our hearts to each other – and the heart that we want to give to each other, is a heart which is full of mercy, and full of tenderness. The heart, has always been the symbol of the innermost core of someone’s personality. Whoever has our hearts, will have our entire self and everything that is important to us. To have a heart full of mercy means that we put each other first, and that we have a constant desire to look out for each other’s needs, and shows this by concrete acts of love. We look at each other in a personal way and we esteem each other, because we are all created “in the image and likeness of God”. Becoming “mediators” of God’s mercy, especially in this Year of Mercy, means that we also strive every day to let our love grow and mature – our natural love for each other and our supernatural love for God. If we want to grow in supernatural love, and take another step into the world of love, then we must pray and hope that the Holy Spirit – who is the “uncreated love” will take possession of our souls and be present in us. We have to feel more than more dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives, otherwise it is impossible to grow in supernatural love. How do we grow natural love – the love for the people around us? We grow in natural love when we are willing to “swim” in the “ocean of God’s mercy” and also when we acknowledge our own personal misery and wretchedness. This Year of Mercy, can give us the gift to realise that we grow in our love of God through our own experience and acknowledgement of sinfulness and weakness. This is the great “masterpiece” of the spiritual life – something we know so little about. We have to learn again to accept our limitations and to use our sins and limitations as a “ladder” to reach God. They should never be an obstacle, but a means to “jump not the heart of God”, our Merciful Father.


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