Year of Mercy – Why does God allow Sin to happen?

by Fr Duncan McVicar on 12/03/2016 -

There has always been a question why does God allow sin to happen? St Paul, in his Letter to the Romans, gives a beautiful answer when he says: “So that God can show us even more mercy” (Romans 11:32). St Paul even boasts about his weaknesses and his limitations because, in his experience, the power of Christ and the love of Christ can be even more powerfully felt and experienced. That’s why we have to encourage each other that we don’t suppress our weaknesses and our sins, but that we acknowledge them and we allow them to draw us closer to God and to nudge us gently into the arms of the merciful Father. The temptations we experience and the sins that we all commit, in the eyes of God, should draw us closer to him, and should even be a means to be close to God. That’s why he allows sin to happen in our lives, that’s why he allows us to experience our own weaknesses and limitations. When this happens to us, we have no reason, therefore, to wonder why, or to be confused, or to be discouraged in any way. The opposite should be true in our lives: when we sin and when we experience temptation and when we experience how fragile we all are then something should happen in our souls that pushes us upwards towards God. That is how we can explain how St Paul comes to this remarkable conclusion: “I boast about my weaknesses with joy, because through them the power of Christ can be even more manifest in me” (2 Corinthians 12:9). When we are tempted and when we sin then, naturally, we should be aware of our inner poverty and how fragile we are – and for that reason, we should become more humble in the healthy and true sense of the word. True humility, actually, pushes us closer to God and also helps us to trust God more, and to trust in his limitless mercy in our lives. When we experience our own weaknesses and sinfulness, then we can have a lot more patience, not only with ourselves, but with the mistakes and the weaknesses of the people around us. Through the experience of our own weaknesses and sinfulness, we can learn to understand and deal with the weaknesses and sinfulness of others in a much better and in a much healthier way. God knows how to use everything in our lives to turn that into something good. That’s why St Augustine wrote about and used a quote from St Paul so often: “God will make sure that everything turns out for the best for those who love him”. He quoted this so often in his writings but then he always added: “And he also uses our sins so that everything will work out for the best!” It is so significant for us, in our spiritual lives, to rediscover how Jesus revealed to us how much of a Father God is. God doesn’t just act like a father or has the attitudes or approach of a father, but he is truly our merciful Father. In his love and in his care for each one of us, he is interested in the smallest and most insignificant details of our lives. And that’s why, in this Jubilee Year of Mercy, it is so important to see the biggest attribute of God’s love for us, God’s fatherhood, and his boundless mercy for each one of us.



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