Year of Mercy – Accepting our Sins and Weaknesses

by Fr Duncan McVicar on 06/03/2016 -

These are the realities of faith, which we can base our lives and our personal spirituality on. And this Jubilee Year of Mercy, is the opportunity to allow these realities to take hold of our lives perhaps more than they have in the past: The first reality is to really believe in God’s endless mercy for each one of us; and the second reality is to understand – in a healthy way – our own misery and sinfulness. We should not go through life, thinking that we have to earn or merit God’s love or mercy, but we should build our life on the foundation of the merciful love of God and that our own misery and our own inner poverty – if we except them, understand them correctly, and say “yes” to them – will be the way that we can draw closer to God in our lives. If we recognise our own sinfulness and weakness, and if we are able to see our “yes” to our own sinfulness and weakness, then we actually put God in the position that he “cannot do anything” else but pour out his love and his mercy into our lives. When a child comes before the loving Father, and simply says I am weak, I am sinful, I am helpless, I can’t do on my own – then God, our merciful Father, can do nothing else but give us his mercy and his healing love in abundance. It is as if, the child becomes in effect “all-powerful” and God has simply “no resistance”. He can only respond to our acknowledged weaknesses with love. He can’t do anything else. He doesn’t want to to do anything else. It is so important for us, over and over again, to rediscover what it means that we are all children of one merciful Father. And this Father – who is “an eternal exchange of love” – wishes to draw us into the most intimate communion with him, and share his Divine life with us, so that each one of us can truly say that we are children of God. How little do we really know about this great truths of our faith! How little do the people of today take in this truth, that could change everything in people’s lives! We are all sons and daughters of God. This is our core identity! Does a child not go immediately to its father or mother when it has a hurt, or a need, or a worry and fear? And when the child comes and asks for help from the parents, does not the love of the parents find a new awakening at the request of their own children? It is even more so with our merciful Father in heaven – he wants to give himself completely to us in love, because he is love itself. Because he is love in his essence he wants to share himself and give himself completely. God is an eternal “exchange of love”. True love always goes beyond itself and wishes to grow and extend its borders. God wants to love us and he wants to unite himself to those who try and love others in the way that he loves. That’s why we can speak about this unusual and original “weakness” of God: he cannot withstand the moment when you and I recognise our own weaknesses and our own sinfulness and acknowledge them wholeheartedly. In the moment that we do this, he can do nothing else but pour his love and his boundless mercy into our hearts.



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