Taste and See Mass in November

You are invited to the Taste and See Family Mass on Sunday 8th November at 3.30pm at the Shrine, St John Fisher’s Kearsley. After Mass we have input and a programme for the children. We conclude with a shared meal. Throughout this year we have considered the mission of the family especially today. Love is our mission – the family fully alive! Central to the mission of family is the formation of the children and the development of a family atmosphere in our homes. We learn that we belong in a family and our home is determined by the people we love and care for. This belongs to one of the top values we experience in family. The secure and sacred space of family allows us to grow in a network  of personal bonds. We learn to value these bonds of love and how to develop our own network of those we love and care for. Anchored in love we are ready to go out and help many searching to build up the web of love in their own lives. This month and next we would be grateful if your donations for the ‘food bank’ was not food but  took the form of socks and gloves to keep the homeless warmer this winter. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you.


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