Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 06/10/2015 -

You are invited to the Taste and See Family Mass on Sunday 11th October at 3.30pm. Family is at the centre of interest both in the Church and the world. Pope Francis has just returned from the World Conference for Families in Philadelphia and is now with the members of the General Synod on the mission and life of the family today. Throughout this year we have looked at the mission of the family in order to become a family fully alive.

Pertinent to this mission is that family means that  mother and father work together to create a space of love in which their children can grow. Working together as man and woman and using the complementing gifts and talents which fathers and mothers have, spouses and  parents create a world in miniature for their relationship to each other and fertile ground for their children to grow in love and happiness.

Mass will be at 3.030pm. Afterward Paul and Clare and big sister, Jessica, invite you to a shared meal to celebrate the Baptism of Lucy Martha Lyddieth Barnes. Please invite your friends to come and join us. Remember to bring donations for our food-bank. These are passed on to the Brothers of Charity to assist those in need.



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