Family Week 2016 in Marienau

We have just completed a very successful week with our families (youngest was Lucy Martha 10 days old) the oldest would have been approaching their eight decade. We held it in Sneaton Castle in Whitby and it was a wonderful experience – The Castle of my Heart! Now we extend to you an invitation for next year in which our family week will be in Schoenstatt, Germany. Welcome to our Family Week 2016 in Marienau!  This will be our first chance to visit Schoenstatt since the celebration of the Jubilee. The Dates are:

Sunday 24th July –Sunday 31st July 2016. Please make a note of this in your diary.

Those intending to take part should contact Konrad & Anne Ostmeier. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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  1. we would like to come next year! Aren’t the dates in August, however?
    Also, further to your message about Seaton Castle. If Mum was the oldest, she is now 87, so would be “approaching” her 10th decade! She will be wanting to come next year, God willing!

    Love Patty

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