Benches for the Mosaic

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 17/07/2015 -

Over many years the project of building a Mosaic as gift to Our Lady has grown. We now have in our Prayer Garden this mosaic showing the Prayer of the Hours composed by Father Kentenich while a prisoner in the Concentration Camp of Dachau. At the time the prayers were meant to help fellow priests who were imprisoned with him since they were not allowed any prayerbooks. They learned the prayers off by heart. One of the Pallotine Fathers with Father Kentenich in Dachau translated then into Latin so that all the priests had access to this spiritual comfort in time of need. The Schoenstatt Family in England and Wales had the idea to build a Mosaic with the prayers in our Quite Garden. Paul Cooper was the artist and this Way of Prayer through the day has now become a feature for pilgrims and visitors to the Shrine. The Mosaic team would like to put four benches around the Mosaic so that people can stay and enjoy the peace and quite. There is an opportunity that you can contribute towards the cost of these benches. Please contact any member of the Mosaic Team for details.


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