First Impressions

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 07/06/2015 -

A Place of Peace for Pilgrimage

Celebrating the month of May this year is going to be an especially memorable occasion for one group of pilgrims.  Yet Mary, Lisa, Rachel and Natalie did not have to travel too far before reaching the peace and tranquillity they sought for their pilgrimage in honour of Our Lady.

Beautiful Bolton!

The prayerful atmosphere of Schoenstatt Shrine, just 25 minutes from the bustling city of Manchester, provided ample calm.  “The chapel at Schoenstatt is beautiful both inside and out, and it’s very easy to pray here”, says Natalie, an artist of portraits and landscapes.

Faithful friends!

However, it wasn’t only the scenic surroundings and the elegant chapel that aided the prayer of this faithful group.  Elizabeth, a retired teacher, believes that “going on a pilgrimage with friends helps me to pray more reverently.  It’s so encouraging!”

Schoenstatt shrine is open for pilgrims throughout the year.

Helen Earey

30th May 2015


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