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by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 10/10/2014 -

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Schoenstatt celebrates 100 years and the whole world can witness it! The jubilee pilgrimage will be broadcasted throughout the world by our associated media, Schoenstatt-TV, the catholic television channel EWTN and the Brazilian channel Canção Nova. So you don’t miss it, we present the answers to some frequently asked questions about the topic “Live broadcast.”

  1. Which Schoenstatt events will be broadcast live and at what time?The 4 main celebrations in the pilgrim arena will be broadcasted. They are:The welcome celebration on October 16th (4PM-6PM), the vigil on October 17th (6PM-8PM), the solemn Holy Mass on October 18th (9AM-11AM) and the renewal of the Covenant of Love – also on October 18th (3:30PM-5:30PM). Additionally, other events will be broadcast on Internet.
  2. Can I watch the events taking place in Rome?The Vatican channel, CTV, will broadcast the audience with the Pope on October 25th. The sendoff Holy Mass on October 26th will also be broadcasted. Additionally, other events will be broadcast on Internet.Details about the broadcast from Rome will be announced later.
  3. I will follow the broadcast from home. What time will they be broadcast in my country?
  4. The times given above are the Times of live-transmission in the UK.
  5. Where can I watch the broadcasts?There are several possibilities to follow the broadcasts.Internet – Live stream
    Through our associated media, Domradio: The broadcast will not have commentary. To follow from their website, visit

    Through the EWTN website: . You can also download their application for your cell phone and/or tablet.

    You can also visit the website of Schoenstatt-TV: You can find the programming in English by clicking here.


    The catholic cable television channel, EWTN, will broadcast the events live in several languages: English, Spanish, and German.

Valerio and Denise Salvador FF Johannesburg says:

Congratulations for a well designed website. Most informative and well laid out. Happy Centenary Celebrations!