Taste and See Family Mass in October

Centenary FlagWelcome to our Taste and See Family Mass at the Shrine on Sunday  12th October starting at 3.30pm with Mass. Followed by a shared meal. We would finish by 5.30pm. The International Schoenstatt Family celebrates 100years of the Covenant of Love with Our Lady in the Shrine on Saturday 18th October 2014. Father Kentenich wanted that the Shrine should be the cradle of our sanctity and a powerhouse of evangelisation. In the Schoenstatt Hearts Afire series we are asking this month the question: “Are you serious about your spiritual life?”  One answer to this important question is that God has committed himself to me in a Covenant of Love and I have committed myself to that Covenant. That bond of love drives us to want to live a life of faith and in service to others. We prove by our deeds that we really take our life with God seriously. My attitude becomes more and more one of commitment which prioritises my time to talk to God and listen to him. Helping the members of my family especially parents encouraging their children to commit to the highway of love which takes them to the heart of God, becomes our central task in the family. Evangelisation is nothing other than helping ourselves and others to see God in life and experience his care and healing. He gives us the joy of the Covenant and invites us to shape our lives to reflect that Covenant. Please bring another family with you.



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