Schoenstatt Hearts Afire

Welcome to Tree of Evangelisation for Schoenstatt Hearts Afirethe next meeting of Schoenstatt Heat’s Afire next Wednesday, 24th September at 7.30pm. In Schoenstatt Heart’s Afire we consider what steps can we take to reach out to others and evangelise. We look forward to welcoming you again. Please invite members of your family and friends to join us. Our comparison has been with the elements of the tree: leaves and fruit, roots and branches. The trunk of the tree connects the roots to the fruits and the branches. The “trunk” of the tree of evangelisation also connects our different sources of life to our concrete apostolate. Father Kentenich once said: “Make sure that we have freedom as much as possible, obligations as much as necessary, and above all, a deep spirituality in everything we do”. In other words, we are faced with the task of cultivating the spirit, and developing a deep spiritual life. In Schoenstatt, we have a whole system of ascetical means to achieve holiness, and these means are essential for our preparation for the new evangelisation. The trunk of the tree is crucial if the nourishment from the roots is going to reach the branches, leaves, and fruits.


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