Covenant of Love Day in Brasil – Not just World Cup

by Fr Duncan McVicar on 02/07/2014 -

Geraldo Alckmin, the Governor of the State of São Paulo, has officially instituted October 18th of every year beginning in 2014, as a commemorative date as the Covenant of Love Day.  Therefore, Law N° 15.462 is published in the official calendar of the State of São Paulo as “Covenant of Love Day”. “The Covenant of Love Day was established and it will be celebrated annually on October 18th in the State of São Paulo”.  This is the published text of Law 15462 in the Official Journal of the State, on June 20th, signed by Governor Geraldo Alckmin. In her report, Rita Passos, the state representative, justifies the influence of the Schoenstatt Movement in the Brasilian culture through the thousands of families who receive the visit of the Schoenstatt Picture of Mary, the Pilgrim Mother. The Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign has brought forth “true missionaries, an authentic campaign of evangelization integrated to the objectives and projects of the diocese and the Brazilian National Conference of Bishops – CNBB”. Moreover, she mentions the influence of the Schoenstatt Shrine in Atibaia, which is a centre of pilgrimage and of prayer and considered a holy place, visited by thousands of people who come to express gratitude, to ask for graces or simply to learn about it, since it is about a place “where it is good to be”. The favourable votes of the other representatives and the approval of the governor are the recognition of the reality that was presented:  the very positive influence of the Covenant of Love, that will be one hundred years old, is part of the Brasilian culture. In this way a commemorative date is added to the entire state that accommodates more than 21% of the total population of Brazil, more than 43.6 million people. The celebration of this date is an important contribution for the present and the future, the Covenant of Love exercises an important influence in the history and in the culture of all Brazil. It is worthwhile to recall that in some cities this date is already officially celebrated by public agencies, such as in Londrina for this year 2014, and the city of Confins, which has introduced a Public Holiday on October 18th, because of the influence of the Schoenstatt Covenant of Love among its population. [From Sister M. Nilza P. da Silva]



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