Taste and See Mass in June

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 28/05/2014 -

Tree of Evangelisation for Schoenstatt Hearts AfireWelcome to our Taste and See Mass in June. Tastes and See will be on Pentecost, 8th June starting with Mass at 3.30pm in St John Fisher Hall, Kearsley. We will then have an input for adults and the children will have their own programme. At 5.30pm we will share a meal with one another and finish for 6.30pm. In the Schoenstatt Hearts Afire programme we are looking at the roots of Evangelisation. We want to see how our life of faith grows in our family.

For evangelisation to be successful and to remain vibrant, it needs to draw strength from the “roots”. The deeper and stronger the roots are, the more alive the tree will be, and the healthier the tree will be. In a certain sense, you could say that the roots are the most important part of the tree. It is so important for our spiritual lives and for the process of the new evangelisation, that we have clarity what our “roots” are, as sources of life, and also that we make sure that the roots of our tree are genuinely strong and vigorous.

The Word of God, reading from Holy Scripture, using the inspiration from the Bible are all absolutely foundational to any kind of apostolate or evangelisation today. Another source of life for the new evangelisation is the Sacraments of the Eucharist and reconciliation For those who are married, other tremendous source of life, is the Sacrament of marriage. Through this unique and original sacrament, husband and wife, have received special graces and a special strength for the evangelisation in their relationship and in their own family. They are given the grace to be witnesses of love in the world



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