Schoenstatt Hearts Afire in May

Hearts Afire The Schoenstatt WayYou are invited to the fourth meeting of Schoenstatt Hearts Afire: Evangelisation the Schoenstatt Way: The next meeting is on Wednesday 28th May 2014 at 7.30pm in the St John Fisher, Kearsley. Pope Francis is visiting Jordan and the Holy Land and he is reaching out to the sick, disabled, dispossessed and praying for peace. He wants each one of us to become missionary disciples. In our meeting we will look at how we can put this into practice especially through living our Covenant in family life.

☞ Our Home Shrine We would love to have a happy family life? We want it, we yearn for it. But is it realistic all this? Can we always be in a dialogue, can we forgive each other, can we pray…. The answer is simple: yes, the proof is the many families and couples that try it day after day and try to live it. The secret? The Covenant of Love with the Mother of God. We give ourselves to her and she gives herself to us in the Home Shrine. She makes all this possible. Marriage is the root of our society. Marriage is in a crisis today. The battles of the future will be fought on the fields of marriage and family life. So much fro the renewal of Europe and for the renewal of the Church depends on the renewal of Family Life. The Covenant of Love with Mary gives us a great trust. She is an expert in family life, she knows about the ups and downs of family life. She suffered, she worried, she found a way to heal the wounds of her heart. The Covenant of Love with Mary is the trust that the Lord is doing something great with our families, that we will make a new beginning.


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