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by Fr. Andrew Pastore on 04/02/2011 -

Poster for family masses at the Schoenstatt Centre

This February sees the launch of a new initiative for families, by families. A simple gathering and sharing at the Shrine here at Kearsley. Eucharist, eats and experience all play a part. Have a look at the flyer attached

To download the brochure click here

Fr. Bryan says:

Wonderful to see this on the web page, I hopr that this new initiarive of families will be richly blessed God Bless Fr. Bryan

Chris Maffei says:

Was at the family mass on Sunday afternoon, what a lovely environment. Could not be more friendly, looking forward to the future when you won’t be able to get in as it will bcome so popular.
Thanks to Fr Duncan for a really human service.
Love Liz & Chris.

Chris Maffei says:

You spotted my deliberate mistake?
Got I nice mail from fr Andrew.
May be next month fr Duncan might attend it would good to see him.
Liz & Chris

BennyT says:

Oh I’m sure he will. Depends on his diary :( Let’s hope the best!