Taste and See Advent Family Mass

Welcome to our Taste and See Mass in Advent on the 2nd Sunday of Advent, 8th December 2013. All are welcome. Holy Mass begins at 3.30pm followed by children’s programme and input and discussion for the adults. Then you are invited  to share a meal. We plan to finish by 6.30pm. So much has happened in the Church and the world in this Year of Faith. Now Pope Francis invites us to become apostles of joy so that we can win many for Christ. We attract people to Jesus through truth we share with them, beauty of God’s plan of love and our goodwill. Pope Francis says our lives and our faith should bear the hallmark of the resurrection –  joy. In the Dachau Prayers Father Kentenich prays:“May glory be joyfully given to the Father, give him honour and praise, through Christ with Mary in the Holy Spirit now and for ever and ever. Amen.”


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  1. Great picture by Cooper…..how can I learn more about this picture?

    Member of couple’s group,
    Schoenstatt of Indiana.

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