Covenant Mass in November

by Fr. Bryan Cunningham on 16/11/2013 -

Open Door JubileeWelcome to our Covenant Mass in November. Holy Mass will be on Monday 18th November at 7.30pm at the Shrine followed by light refreshments. Throughout the year we have looked at how to keep our Faith growing. There are three ways in which God attracts people to Himself.  We are attracted firstly by TRUTH.  We find an answer to our questions in the Church. Secondly we are attracted by BEAUTY.  We walk into a beautiful cathedral or see a sunset, or are inspired by beautiful music and we find God there.Thirdly, people are attracted to God by the GOODNESS of others: Smiling faces, open hands, open hearts.  Other people’s goodwill opens the door to God’s Love. Here at Schoenstatt, around and from our Shrine, we want to bring TRUTH, BEAUTY AND GOODNESS to people’s hearts so that we all may be drawn closer to God. In this month of the Holy Souls we remember all our deceased loved ones and ask that they may have their eternal reward.



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