A Faithful Witness

One more true story: Two men, unacquainted with each other, were seated recently together on a train and began a casual conversation. The older man, Charlie, was a caring and enthusiastic Catholic. When the younger man sensed that his fellow traveller was interested, he told his story. He had never completed college and had been unemployed for years. He was now heading home to Sheffield to donate a kidney to his father, who was seriously ill. He didn’t know what he was going to do after that. Charlie later described the young man as a person who had not found his niche or purpose in life. For Charlie, it seemed like the right moment to tell this young man about the love of God and how God had a purpose and a Plan of Love for him. Charlie spent maybe six or eight minutes telling this wanderer how to submit himself to God and how to start the journey of faith. He later told a friend that he had seldom seen a more appreciative response from someone. The young man said that he’d always felt that there had to be some meaning and purpose to his life. Charlie added that when the man finished thanking him, Charlie felt as if he had just told a hungry person where to find food. For most of us, being a faithful witness to our faith doesn’t mean accosting strangers or holding prayer meetings at work. It does mean that when those moments come where another person has opened up his or her life and invited us in, we be willing to tell about the Lord who means so much to us.


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